Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On the coast of Italy.

Engagement story time!  Just for S, I'm posting my engagement story.  Although I'm sure some others (yes, I'm talking about the large group of 3 people that actually probably read this?) care. goes the long, really in-depth version:

**Side note:  D and I HAD NOT talked about getting married.  I typically went on long rants about how I hate marriage.  D even mentioned that I had said before that I didn't want to get married.  Prior to our trip to Europe, I kid you not at least two people asked me if I thought we would get engaged in Europe.  I bawked at the comment and said no way.  I also noted that even if we were considering engagement, D has been saving up for this trip with all his money and he couldn't afford a ring.  Now, this in no way meant I was actually opposed to getting engaged.  I love D and of course want to spend the rest of my life travelling and being together.  So....needless to say I was NOT expecting an engagement.**

Sooooo on we go off to Europe for a month.  Fast foward to Cinque Terre, Italy.  The most beautiful, fabulous place on Earth.

For the record, pictures do not do Cinque Terre justice.  Anyhow, we arrive and we are hanging out taking in the sights.  We get to our perfect little apartment that we rented with a great view in the city of Cornigilia.  

The inside of our apartment and the view from our window.

So we get settled in and immediately get ready to explore the city.  For those of you who don't know, Cinque Terre is made up of five little towns.  We stayed in the smallest, Cornigilia.  I actually loved it the most because it was the most quaint.  It was less touristy.  The towns are on the coast of Italy by the Mediterranean Sea.  They used to be only accessible by stairs and foot.  Now the area has grown in popularity and tourism (although still not overwhelmed with tourists).  They now have some cars owned by the locals.  Each city has a train that runs between.  Beautiful.  Go there.  When we got there I immediately told D I wanted to live there.  Anyway...back to the story.  So we were trying to figure out which of the trails to check out first.  We were about a week or so along in the trip and didn't really have much clean clothes at this point, so we decided on the easiest trail.  And I'll note, there was no pressure from D as to which trail to pick...nothing.  We had explored Cornigilia a little bit before we went to catch the train.  D made me run back into the apartment before walking down to catch the bus (to take us to the train station).  I will admit, I started wondering...why is he rumaging around in the room and wasting time.  I didn't think much of it though.  We made ourselves down to wait for the bus.

  D and I exploring in Cornigilia.  I actually really love this picture.

D & I waiting at the bus stop.  Little did I know there was a ring in that pocket :)

So when we are waiting to catch the train to Riomaggiore (where the trail starts), it starts to get really overcast and began raining.  It was really quick lived and we didn't care that much.  We caught the train to Riomaggiore and the rain conveniently followed us there.  But instead of just turned into hail!  So we are trying to stay covered and exploring a little bit.  Finally the rain/hail somewhat subsides and we decide to brave the trail.  How convenient, the trail is called Via dell'Amore, the Walk of Love.

Seriously, I don't  think it was intentional.  It just happened that that was the easiest trail.  D and I get on the trail.  I'm wet and cold and it starts hailing again.  The trail is beautiful though.

D tried to get me to go down this set of steps.  Not happening.  I'm afraid of heights, wearing wet Chacos sandals and a long dress...not prepared to go down slippery stone steps.  Finally we get to this little inlet area of rock on the trail.

So there are some people walking by and I get them to take a picture of us in front of the inlet unexpectedly.  I am trying to rush D to get under the covered area because I am cold and it's drizzling.  He says, "let's just stay here for a little bit and take it all in."  So I give in.  Then he starts talking about how it's been a great four years together.  That's where it all gets blurry.  The next thing I know...I am accepting a ring and in utter shock!

Utter shock/excitement can be observed on this ridiculous picture of myself.

Seriously, D did the best job EVER picking out my ring.  Pictures can't do it justice either.  It's simple but complicated.  It's antique-y looking, which is what I wanted.  He literally picked it out completely alone (because remember we hadn't talked marriage and I hadn't given ring sample pictures).  It is perfect.  It even has a matching wedding band.  I adore it.  I told him about a month ago that I still find myself admiring it. make it even more perfect.  The engagement happened on June 22.  He had bought the ring in December!  He had been keeping the secret since December.  He also carried the ring to Europe.  I walked around giddy the rest of the day.  I told him he didn't even get down on one knee...he did.  My haze made me forget.  He waited until most people were off the trail and thought the rain would be good for clearing people out.  He said he did this becuase he knew I wouldn't want a lot of people around (wow, he knows me too well).  He totally asked my parents before we left (even though I couldn't have cared less if he did that).  He just planned so well but also made everything so casual.  He said he was either going to propose in Cinque Terre or Interlaken in the Swiss Alps.  Well he chose on the coast of the Mediterranean and it could not have been more perfect.  I loved writing this post because I love reliving that moment.


Christina said...

cutteeee !

Anonymous said...

im your newest follower from lacey in the city! i love your story! amazing!

Unknown said...

What a great story! I am a total romantic and LOVE hearing other people's engagement/love stories. I would love to spend a month in Europe, maybe someday.


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