Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Update.

 D and I from Halloween last year; Pac Man and Ghost.  

It's the weekend again.  D is out of town in Virginia Beach and I am stuck here in rainy Athens.  I can't complain though.  I had the opportunity to go...but I already had a furlough and holiday from work last week and I would have had to take off Friday and Monday to go to VA.  I also have to take off Wednesday.  I figured we didn't need to deal with finding someone to watch the dogs again.  Anyway...babbling aside, I didn't go.  I've been finding ways to keep myself busy though (even with my limited budget).  Last night, I went to eat at Clocked downtown with CH, whom I went to high school.  We had a really good time catching up and chatting about how people from high school had changed.  It was a nice change of pace to hang out with someone I haven't seen in a while.  On a ranting note, I am so over trying to hang out with people who don't even try.  Please don't tell me that you want to get together if you are not going to exert the effort to actually set up a time.  Anyway, we had a good time.  It was nice to get out of the house for the night.  Ps. I had the hummus sammie at Clocked.  It was pretty yummy!

Let's see today I am hanging out with KayD (my running buddy...although we haven't gotten to run recently because it has been raining like a mofo in Athens).  She got tivo (which I maintain is one of the best inventions EVER), and we're going to watch Melrose Place :)  I can't say that show is anywhere near being good, but it certainly makes us laugh.  Then tomorrow, I'm going shopping with K for her halloween costume, and then ordering pizza with K and CAP.  Busy weekend!  I'm working on project all the while too.  I bought supplies for my project from Michael's yesterday.  My bill came out to a whopping $27, and I think I may have to go back for more supplies.  Yay for weekends!

So I have a few topics that I've been thinking about more in depth:
WEIGHT: Ugh...don't even get me started (although technically I started this).  I haven't weighed myself in weeks because I'm scared.  D and I have been eating absolutely terribly since we really haven't had any good food in the house.  And we really haven't had the money to do substantial grocery shopping.  I am waiting on my travel check from work and plan to do some shopping after that comes.  I have been eating the worst of the food, Mexican, ugh all of my weaknesses.  I have got to get out of my funk!  I need some major motivation.  I haven't been going to the gym...which I've been dishing out $32/month.  I haven't been doing anything.  I need to get back into my healthy mindset.  I'm not sure what switched in my brain to make me want to be lazy again.  I mean I have an elopement dress to get smaller for!  And I want a sexy beach body for the elopement itself ;)  Send motivation my way! 

HALLOWEEN: D and I have been trying to figure out what to be this year.  I don't really have the money to do something super creative (ie. Pac Man and Ghost last year) or to buy something.  Hmmm...where does that leave me?  Creative costumes on a dime?  Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween.  That's why I made it my mission last year to think of something creative for D and myself.  It actually did make me enjoy Halloween because our costumes were awesome, unique, and super cute.  We can't think of anything this year.  Halloween is also on a Saturday, which means we are obligated to do something.  Ideas?  I may do some research today...

MOVING:   So...D talked to a couple of people at Terrapin and we found out that they are pretty flexible as to where we can move next year.  Yeah!  Sort of our three options:
  • North Carolina:  Pros: Closer to home, cheaper cost of living/ability to save more money?, warmer; Cons: Still stuck in the south, closer to home, possibly the lack of opportunity to move farther away at another time (I don't want to be stuck in the south for another 5+ years and not have the ability to branch out and experience living in different areas of the US.)
  • DC area (DC/Virginia/Maryland):  Pros:  Middle of the road...not too far from home but not super close, possibility of more job opportunities for me, variety of living options (city, rural, suburban); Cons: cost of living, colder
  • Philly/NJ:  Pros: City living, not in the south, possibility of more job opportunities, closer to other amazing cities and places (NY, Canada, etc.), variety of areas to live; Cons: cold, long way from home & Athens for D (could be build up our sky miles?!), cost of living, cold
So...who knows.  D is leaning towards NC...maybe because of the distance and the cold.  I'm leaning toward the more northern places.  My thoughts are that there are more opportunities up north for me finding a job (in teaching or social work), and I'm so ready to branch out from the south.  I am afraid if we move to NC, we won't get another opportunity for a while to make another move.  D does say that he can see some pros of living up north.  I have great dreams of exploring and living in new and different places with my soon-to-be husband :)  Of course, we'll have the opportunity to explore a new city together wherever we move.  That's exciting.  I'm exciting to have a variety of choices.  I'm also lucky to have a fiance who is supportive and willing to move for me.  I'm lucky that Terrapin is being flexible with us.  Now, I can only hope that I can have some real job options and opportunities.  Ultimately, I'll be happy wherever we go because I get to embark on a new adventure with D.   Hopefully, we'll have some real answers soon.  We really need to take time to explore the Philly and DC areas.

Ps. There is no Law and Order marathon on I'm watching my faithful standby...BEVERLY HILLS 90210 :)  Love it.

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