Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Gossip Girl Ever.

Sorry I've been a little out of touch.  I have had a pretty stressful weekend/week.  But D took me out to a Mexican dinner and made it all better.  It's over and I am going to focus on some other stuff in the meantime.  In REAL IMPORTANT news....watching Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl.  First order of business:  dying over this dress Serena wore:


And in reality of items I could NEVER own (because I could NEVER afford):

It's Alexander Wang, Slinky Vicose Long Sleeve Goddess Dress
$590 at

In other Gossip Girl news, dying over Chuck Bass' kiss with a guy.  It was short, but so sweet ;)  Oh but the episode has so many twists and turns.  Hating on Vanessa because she dates Ed Westwick in real life.  I will swoon over him foreverrrrrrrr ;)  I wish I could be a guest star on Gossip Girl just to wear the amazing and beautiful clothes.  
At least tomorrow is Thursday.  One day closer to the weekend.  D and I have a lot of big decisions coming up and honestly, I am just ready for answers.  So much is up in the air.  I need answers.  I'm ready to move.  Update more later :)
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