Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I'm Watching.

Ok.  I am actually so proud of myself :)  A little bit of searching (obviously not on google) led me to figure out where my problem was.  So now, I'm an expert and I can tell you how to fix your computer if you ever get a virus that blocks google and all google related sites!  Anyhow!  On to the real stuff:  What I'm Watching!

GOSSIP GIRL!! Can I say how much I die over this picture of Chuck Bass?  I have a hopeless crush on a tv character.  I mostly obsess over the fashion and life of rich kids on the Upper East Side.  I admit, so far the story lines are a little cheesy (I mean, Hilary Duff...ew).  I can't break away from Chuck and Blair though...

TOP CHEF: Las Vegas!!  D and I watch all the Top Chefs.  Maybe because we love to eat?  Interesting season so far.  There are always the contestants who just don't deserve to stay as long as they have.  I love the guy from Atlanta and definitely think that he was winning potential. 

Who isn't watching THE OFFICE this season??  I mean Jim and Pam getting married (that's tonight by the way...we're tivo-ing it so I'll have to see all the facebook status updates about it first). 

Cutest photo op of them ever.  The pics inside were even better.  D thinks The Office is slacking with story lines and such.  I agree to an extent.  It still makes me laugh out loud so much and the addition of Jim and Pam's wedding is epic.  I'll watch Michael Scott until the end regardless.

On Netflix:  LOST, SEASON 4!!  Oh, I don't see how ANYONE can not love this show.  Don't read any further if you don't watch.  We're to the point that Sayid and Desmond are on the mysterious ship belonging to Penny's father.  And...they just discovered Michael on the boat!  Oooo...I can not wait.  I will die when the show is over.  I keep telling D that I am not loving the new "future" flashfowards that they are doing.  I don't like to know who doesn't make it off the island!  You want all the main characters to make it off.  My fav characters are definitely Sayid, Desmond, and Charlie.  I am sort of over Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.  I have to admit I shed a tear (or a few) when Charlie died.  Oh terrible :(

So those are my favs for now.  Trust me, I watch WAY too much tv (especially since the purchase of tivo/dvr). 

On another note, KayD and I started running this week.  Well sort of.  We ran a whopping one day :(  She had some things come up as did I (as in, I want to sleep in on my furlough day).  Next week, we are definitely getting back on track for Mon, Wed., Fri, & Sun running.  Seriously I overslept this morning since we ended up not being able to run together.  Motivation really is huge.  I've also been eating absolutely terrible (so much for feeling good about myself at the wedding this weekend).  We have no food here, and I think D and myself are too lazy to go to the grocery store at the moment.  FAIL.  Maybe on my holiday on Monday?  We need to get back to healthy eating.  I wish I had some motivation for healthy eating!  I keep meaning to print a picture of my ideal elopement dress and keep it with me.  Hasn't happened yet.  I need some motivation for real.

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