Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank you 4 day weekend.

Well it's a rainy Monday and I am ridiculously happy that I can lounge around and not work.  D and I slept in, and I've literally done nothing.  Well I did post an album to facebook and am updating the blog :)  First things first:  THE WEDDING.  After loading my pictures to facebook, I was surprised to turn my camera on to find a broken/cracked screen.  Devastating.  I didn't cry though (and I always cry when things break).  Just what I need is something else to buy when trying to save for our elopement :(  I'm searching ebay in hopes to find one for cheap.  Bummer.  On to the real story!  Here are some pics to highlight fun points of the weekend:


First two pics are from the rehearsal dinner at Trappeze in Athens.  First pic is D and I, second pic is the soon-to-be bride and groom.  Really fun time.  They had the dinner set up beer dinner style with different courses paired with appropriate beers.  The beers were significant from their relationship.
Next pics are from the wedding day itself.  The weather turned out beautifully even after a week of predictions of rain.  There was a slight, slight sprinkling right about the bride and groom walked down the isle as newlyweds.  Perfect. Reception was chock full of beer, dancing, and fun.  I was happy with my outfit.  I even got a spray tan the day of ;)  It doesn't seem to have made a huge difference in pics.  We had a great time though.  No major hangovers so...SUCCESS!  The hardest part was hearing people literally say, "this is the best wedding I've ever been to."  Fuck.  How are D and I supposed to be able to follow that when we have our wedding celebration at the same location (hopefully) a year later?  And inviting many of the same people.  Dilemma.  I just need to be creative and plan something that I feel great about.  And it will be fun regardless :)  I told D I want to do a pre-party to replace a rehearsal dinner so that we can have something more intimate with close friends and family. 

Ps. I have been eating terribly.  Haven't weighed myself in a week.  KD and I haven't been able to run together due to weather and other factors.  Fail.  I need to work harder to get in shape.  I'm stressed with money and life right now.  I need a massage.

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