Sunday, October 4, 2009

Theraflu really works.

This is our station set up at the World Beer Festival from yesterday.  Talk about an amazingly long day.  There were two sessions: 12p to 4p and 6p to 10p.  We had to be there at 10a just to set up.  Along with other complicating factors that none of you care about since you probably don't know much about the beer industry, it's not worth it to work a 12 hour day. We were on our feet ALL DAY. I didn't feel like the people were near as chatty and friendly as the Greensboro beer fest. No one really even wanted to know about the beer.  Anyway...enough boring you with my long day.

Point being with the subject...theraflu did help me feel better! I took it a total of three times and I was feeling MUCH better yesterday. Still not on the top of my game, but significantly better :)

I'm dreading, yes dreading, returning to work tomorrow. I have to go to court for one of my cases. I'm just not looking forward to that. On the plus side (well it's a double-edged sword), I get Friday off...but it is an upaid furlough day. But another 4 day weekend I am totally down for!  In exciting news to leave you with...I think we got an answer about where we'll be moving!!!!  I'll leave you in suspense and update on that later this week. I need to enjoy my Sunday while I can :)

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