Thursday, December 3, 2009

Even more officialness!

Note sure if officialness is a word.  Spell check didn't point it out though.  Anyway...


March 27 :)  That's our party date.  So weird that it's getting closer and way more official.  Omg.  I am actually getting married.  So crazy.  I'm also feeling a little weird that I am talking about wedding/party planning so much.  It's just so not me...I'm working on our wedding website.  sigh.  I didn't want to.  I'm pretty anti-weddingwebsite.  Since we are doing save the date/invite combo mailings, it's easier to just have people RSVP on a website.  Plus, I suppose it is a way to allow people to feel a little more involved in the process of things even though we aren't having a ceremony.  I'm not too nervous about getting everything done.  I'm more nervous about figuring out how to pay for everything.  It'll work out.  Just cross your fingers that mine and D's cars sustain for at least six more months.

On the job news front, there really is no news.  I have gotten a couple calls from principals at schools in North Carolina.  Nothing has worked out thus far though.  Two of the school systems really weren't in areas where D wants to live in NC.  I got a call from the Washington DC version of DFCS.  I cringe at the thought.  I haven't called her back yet...but I need to so I keep all options open.  We bailed on the trip to Philly this weekend for my Teaching Fellows interview.  It just wasn't a realistic option financially right now.  I'm hoping to be able to reschedule soon.  It's going to be REALLY tough to schedule/afford any out-of-town interviews while trying to pay for the wedding celebrations as well.  I did find out that before I can be hired in Philly (on my own without a Teaching Fellows program behind me) as a special ed teacher doing alternative certification, I have to be enrolled in a college teaching program.  I can't do that unless I find a job and know I'm moving there.  Keep your fingers crossed for me to find a job soon!

I've been sick for like a month now.  It's super frustrating because I NEVER get sick.  Maybe it's stress and not taking care of myself (eating terribly and not working out).  Although it's hard to adequately take care of myself when I can't stop coughing and can't breathe.  Speaking of...time for me to head to the bedroom and try to breathe long enough to get to sleep.

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