Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas non-traditional style.

After my family did a Mexican style Christmas eve dinner and D's family did a traditional Christmas eve dinner, on Christmas Day D and I did a non traditional dinner.  Since both of our families live in town, we took in on our own accord to do a traditional Christmas night dinner together.  Our "tradition" is to open our gifts and stockings on Christmas morning (after we moved in together) and then hit up our fam's houses usually for brunch or something.  Then we come back and make a dinner with a ham or turkey, mac and cheese, etc. etc.  This year we went a little non traditional and did a steak dinner!  Yum.  D is the best cook.  We're/I'm currently contemplating an agreement that he cooks and I clean after we get married ;) of the delish meal coming together..

Steaks marinating...D is the marinade man ;)


Green beans


Mashed potatoes...probably the most fattening mashed potatoes ever...with cream (at least it was light?), cheese, and LOTS of butter

The cook


Yes, not the best health proportions.  But hey, it's the holidays!

And after eating that, plus all the candy I got in stocking, I desperately need to go to the gym.  I'm getting pretty motivated with the impending honeymoon and looking good in the wedding dress and a swim suit. I come!!

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