Monday, December 7, 2009

I got it!

That's elopement dress came a day early! It's so pretty! I
love all the little details in it. It's very close to my Vera Wang
dream dress. Of course it's too long...nothing a little altering
can't fix. But...I need to get my ass to the gym. Don't get me
wrong...the dress fits perfect, but I want to tone up. I want to tone
my arms and belly (and who doesn't want to look better in a bikini
anyway). I hope this will be my motivator. Someone said to me, if
you can't get into shape for this one time in your life, then you
probably never will. I guess what I'm struggling with a little bit
the idea that 3 months is not really enough time to make a difference
(at my weight). I need to though. Even if it isn't a visible
difference, it can't hurt to feel better about myself! I have to do
it!!! Think about the dress. Think about the dress. Hopefully it'll
pull me out of the bed in the morning.
We also registered this weekend. I'll have to post on that later.
It's a process! We registered at Target and at (it's an
awesome site that allows people to contribute to activities we do on
our honeymoon...elopement/pre-honeymoon in our case). And picking out
save the dates on Wed!
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Claire {Beaktweets} said...

yay! that's so exciting about your dress!!

and i think the advice you got was a little pressure filled! i think the desire to get in shape and actually have motivation comes and goes throughout life, based on totally random things sometimes. so, good for you for setting a goal, but if you don't reach it, i don't think that means you never will.

ps- is your elopement taking place IN aruba? is that the idea?


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