Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The bad, the ugly, and the good.

The BAD:  this morning.  Where do I even begin??  Fail #1:  Finally stepped on the scale.  I gained 4+ pounds from my post-Europe weight.  FML.  I'm pissed, although I shouldn't be.  I haven't been trying to eat healthy or even work out.  That number should get me motivated.  It does explain why I hate all of my clothes and feel so gross lately.  I just haven't been taking care of myself.  That's not a good thing.  In typical New Years fashion, I am vowing to eat healthy and work out.  My goal is to work out 5 days a week.  I know that's hefty (considering the working out has plummeted to a meager one day on a good week), but I feel like if I say 4 then I'll settle at 4.  I'm just so mad at myself for just giving up and not caring enough about myself (and more about food) to stay on the healthy bandwagon.  I mean before this looming 4 pounds I would have liked to lose another 10 before Aruba at the beginning of March.  Geez...it'll take me 2 months to even lose the 4 pounds.  It's time to start caring more about myself and getting back to feeling good.

Fail #2:  I slept with my contacts in last night.  I'm not going to lie...I'm bad about doing it.  Call it laziness?  I hate getting cuddled up in bed and watching tv wearing my glasses; therefore I keep the contacts in.  After I'm cuddled up, often I am too lazy and comfy to get out of bed and take them out.  Ok...back to the story.  My left contact is bothering me when I wake up.  I take it out a couple times and sort of inspect it.  It doesn't have hair on it or seem to have a tear.  It isn't terribly bothering me.  I can still see.  It isn't making my eye water or turn all red.  It's bothering enough though.  On a third inspection...I notice a minute tear on the edge of the contact.  So I figure I'll throw it away and get another one.  At our other house, I had a bag of a few boxes of contacted in the bathroom cabinet.  After moving, I had a couple of ideas where this bag may have gone.  Well...fml, of course I couldn't find it.  On a normal day, I would just roll with wearing my glasses and all would be cool.  But today is not a normal day.  Today is the day I have to drive to downtown Atlanta.  Today is the day of the Lady Gaga concert that I MUST be able to see adequately.  Ok...so I'm going to get into some TMI here and everyone is probably going to be grossed/weirded out by what is to follow.  So there are a few things running through my head...leave work early and get an appointment to get some more contacts!  Well...I have no money.  I kept debating that one...but I just did not want to deal with that and literally have no money to afford that today.  Second thought...find the other contact and deal with it.  Picture this:  me digging through my trashcan to find this contact with the small tear.  That's what I had to go with.  To make the situation at least sound better, I did not immediately put the contact back in my eye (ew).  I wore my glasses to work and will put in my contacts (after they've been sanitizing in contact solution all day).  This fail put me in a terrible mood.  And I still don't know where those dang contacts are!

The UGLY:  Before the scale and the contact situation, I was promptly awakened to Marlee gagging at the door.  The dogs don't throw up too often...but when they do it always happens in the early morning.  I hear it, bolt out of bed, and run the dog to the door.  As I was bolting up on this particular morning, Bailey (the cat) scratched the hell out of my arm.  This is no way to start my morning.

The GOOD:  Just to end on a positive note! Lady Gaga concert tonight with KD!  Yayyyyyyyyy!  And I guess I am proud of myself for going to work out yesterday.  I didn't run this morning, but I vow to go tomorrow.  And I'll post lots of pictures from the Gaga show!

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