Saturday, January 2, 2010

No-Meat January.

Happy 2010!  I was lucky enough to be able to spend Wendesday and Thursday night hanging out with some friends who moved away to Florida last year.  In my opinion, I would much rather spend New Years Eve staying in somewhere and drinking as opposed to bar hopping.  Here are some pics of our weekend:

Every chilling out at the cabin watching football


Rousing game of spades which D and I lost miserably in...we're down for a rematch


Snow!  Or...a "wintry mix"


Wine tasting at Tiger Mountain Winery


B&BWatts after lots of wine

I didn't really get any good pictures of us ringing in the new year (plus it takes blogger forever to upload pics).  But all in all a good weekend with friends we don't get to see enough.  Plus, it was nice to get back on Friday and still have Saturday and Sunday to relax.  

On to New Years resolutions...I know.  I hear more and more that people don't believe in resolutions.  I can't say that I haven't had success with my resolutions.  I lost a lot of weight last year from resolving to eat better and work out.  Unfortunately, our Europe trip threw us all off track.  I want to write down my resolutions so that I can hold myself accountable and don't lose track of them in time.

  1. No meat January/eat healthier:  Combo goal with D.  We're actively going vegetarian for January for a couple of reasons.  First, we want to experiment and see if we lose more weight by not eating meat.  Second, we want to kickstart healthy eating (by hopefully incorporating more fruits and veggies into our diet and eliminating meat) to get in better shape/health for our wedding.  I do agree that this plan could totally back eating way more bread and cheese and not incorporating the veggies.  I'm also going to try tracking my calories again to go along with the healthy eating plan.  We've looked up vegetarian recipes on SparkPeople and Whole Foods which handily have calories.  I think we're going to go all or nothing with NO MEAT in January and possibly incorporate fish in February.  Oh, the exceptions for meat are beer dinners.  
  2. Work out 5 days/week:  I may have mentioned this in another post.  I'm going balls to the wall and saying 5 days a week.  I don't want to say 3 because I don't want to be content with just 3 days.  I'm going to try and follow a six week work out plan in my Women's Health mag.  It's as simple as 30 minutes for 5 days/week.  Totally do-able.  I hope to be able to do a longer amount of time or add in a class here and there.  I don't have a lot of time to get in shape for our elopement and trip to the beach.  I want to make the most of the 2 months I have.
  3. Censored:  This is censored resolution.  It's regarding D and I.  I figure some relationship stuff I should just leave to myself :)
  4. Take better care of our pets:  We got ourselves into the situation of 4 pets.  Unfortunately, we don't take the best care of them.  It can be pricey to get the regular vet check-ups.  I mean I feel like I can barely afford to go to the doctor and dentist myself!  The pets deserve it though.  We feed them the highest quality foods, but that's not enough.  We need to take the dogs for more walks, get them all to regular vet check-ups, and treat them regularly for fleas.  I'm resolving to at least take one pet to the vet per month and then after we have more money (post elopement/wedding party) to resume flea treatment (which is so expensive for 4 pets).
We all know we could go on all day with resolutions.  I had some others in mind, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.  4 is good.  Although there are some definitely things that must/have to/better happen in 2010 that I have to look forward to:  getting married, moving, finding a new job (which hopefully I'm happier at).  I won't go overboard on that list either.  I hope this year is a stepping stone to the beginning of what we want our lives to be.  Once we can get settled in a more permanent place, we can hopefully have more stable incomes.  Hopefully more stable incomes leads to more big ticket items we want/need: a car, a home, more travelling.  But I won't get carried away with those things.  2010 should just be the start of our adult lives together :)

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