Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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I weighed myself this morning.  I have kind of a ritual about weighing myself typically.  When I'm working on losing weight, I try to only weigh once per week.  I can't deal with the daily fluctuation.  I try to do it every Monday or every Friday.  Typically Mondays don't work for me because I tend to lay off my diligent healthy eating plan over the weekends (and don't work out).  Anyway, off on a tangent.  My weigh in routine goes as so:  prior to shower and before any eating or drinking is done...I strip down before I get in the shower (hey, I can't have even one ounce of clothing putting me off!)...and it can't be done on a day that I work out (because I would have drank water).  Anyhow, point being that I lost 1 pound!  Yay!  Success!  After I realized (sometime last week) that I was up about 4 pounds, I weighed again and had lost like .6.  From that weight, I'm down 1 whole pound within like 3 or 4 days!  I figure it can be attributed to incorporating a healthier diet (eating more fruits and veggies as a result of the vegetarianism), keeping up with my intake and calories, and the whole finally working out again thing.  I feel really proud and motivated.  I don't really want to put a number on things, but I would like to average 2 pound per week.  I've been using my Lose It iPhone app and I adore it.  I'll admit, it can be time consuming to enter foods.  I tend to eat the same foods over and over though, so once they're in the app I can easily find them.  Plus it's super handy since I always have my phone with me.  Don't let me get all preemptively excited though!  I haven't even gotten through one whole week of working out, one whole week of vegetarianism, or the weekend!  But one pound (for someone who is not overweight) is a lot to lose in that small span of time...water weight??  There's my motivation.  If I keep it up, I'll be much closer to my goal weight by our elopement/honeymoon at the beginning of March.  Let's do this body!

In other news, I finally took my elopement dress to be hemmed yesterday.  I wasn't super happy when trying it on.  It doesn't help that I have been looking a mess lately...pale, desperately needing a hair cut, and my makeup just will not work with me lately.  I need some fine tuning before March!

A good start to a new year.  I'm looking forward to the coming weeks.  Hopefully, there are some big changes coming!

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