Friday, January 15, 2010

I hate roses.

Yes, I will admit I often actively try to go against the grain.  But I will also admit I often go along with mindless traditions (case in point, Christmas?  I'm not religious and have no reason to buy people gifts at this time.  Anyway....)  Part of me is probably subconsciously going against the grain in my hatred of roses, but the other part of me thinks there are such prettier flowers out there!  I don't know what is is about roses.  The fact that they are overrated in being considered "romantic" and meaningful.  I'd much rather have any other flower, or plant for that matter, than roses.

Well we just put our down payment on our elopement ceremony in Aruba for March :)  So exciting!  This means I get to start planning the few details that I care about.  One of those details is a bouquet.  I have no clue where to begin.  I don't even really know a particular color flower I would want to go with.  Here are some possibilities I'm considering:

Image courtesy of Eric Hegwer Photography 


Image found at Our Aruba Wedding Blog 


Number 1) this is a terrible picture and I think it's fake flowers, number 2) I would do less long green leaves if I chose this.
Image courtesy of this link 

Although this may be a little too much red for me, especially for a March wedding

Image found here 

Ok...then seriously I found one on my wedding planning website, but I just can not figure out how to copy/save/etc. the pic because it's in a slide show.  It's very simple with white and purple flowers.  Decisions. Decisions.  No roses though. 

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