Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a dummy.

Ok...So I really don't like to give Heidi that much more attention than she deserves/is famewhoring for, but I couldn't help but make mention of this.  Check out this article Perez Hilton posted.  Go's super short.  Ok, now that you've read it.  This is the quote that gets me...

"Heidi revealed that she opted for plastic surgery after being teased as a kid and being insecure about her looks. 'It always kinda held be back from a certain inner light and an inner happiness.'"
 I get that being teased about certain things can stick with you forever.  Totally and completely get that.  But isn't Heidi all Jesus loving?  Shouldn't Jesus or god or whomever deity be giving her that "inner light and inner happiness??" Sounds a little hypocritical to me Heidi.  Or maybe it just supports what I said before.  Don't get me wrong...I get that you can be unhappy with yourself even if you ARE getting your inner light from Jesus or something.  I would just like to think that getting big, nasty, fake boobs doesn't give anyone an inner light or happiness.  Heidi...she's delusional.  More and more she says things that support what a dummy I think she is.

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