Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday blues...

Honestly, I'm sort of confused as to how today is Wednesday.  On the positive side, it's hump day which means the week is half way over.  On the negative side, it's still only fucking Wednesday.  It certainly feels like it should at least be Thursday.  I think the week is passing depressingly slow because I've been anxiously anticipating a phone call (more details later) for almost two weeks now.  It's getting extremely frustrating.  Along with trying to focus my mind on work and documenting and social work and balancing my life with work, I just can't get my mind off obsessively checking my phone for a call.  As I'm always saying, I've got a million things going on in my life right now.  I'll be happy when May is here.  Hopefully, I'll be in a much more solid position in my life.  I will be married by then ;)

I finally picked a bouquet.  I decided on this one:

From perfectlypaper on Etsy.  I have to say she has been awesome to work with so far.  She obliged my need for the exact colors and flowers from the above pictured centerpiece.  She obliged my need to have the flowers sent to me unbundled so I can layer them in a flat box to be stashed in my carry on for the flight to Aruba.  She's awesome.  I'm making the official purchase on Friday (can we say payday?!).  Exciting!  Speaking of wedding party stuff, I previously mentioned that I sent out save the dates last week.  Everyone is getting them and giving rave reviews (which makes me sooooooooo happy), but no one is RSVP'ing.  I'm a little bummed (but not that much).  Maybe I just have a different RSVP mentality.  If I know I'm going, I'll RSVP like the day I get the invite.  If I don't I'll forget!  Maybe others prefer to RSVP closer to the date of the event.  We requested RSVPs by March 6 (assuming that some people wouldn't meet that deadline).  They better start coming in quicker!  I'm getting anxious.

I got the pleasure and joy of working from home yesterday.  I definitely enjoy a day where I don't have to get dressed and come into the office.  The office has seriously been making me stir crazy lately anyhow.  I needed a day away from this place.  Since documentation takes over part of my work life, I had the joys of doing it while having Jersey Shore in the background.  Now, my guilty pleasure (well probably more of just a pleasure because I watch so much of it) is trashy reality tv.  I can not even get enough of it.  Jersey Shore just goes beyond that.  The basis is a reality show of 6 strangers being filmed while living together in a house at the Jersey Shore for the summer.  Oh...the people are from a different world.  It is interesting, intriguing, and hilarious all the same.   Seriously, if you are from the south originally and mostly only lived in the south, watch it.  You will be introduced to a new world.  Here is Snooki, probably the most memorable character:

Separated at birth:

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