Thursday, January 14, 2010

I try not to talk much about my religious/politcal/otherwise views.

But it is my blog and I figure I can.  These are things I am passionate about.  Obv it's not like I'm trying to push my thoughts on anyone else because I could care less if you read or leave.  I'm not one to get into long winded, no-win conversations about my views because I'm not very good at defending myself.  I feel strongly about somethings but that's just the way I feel.  I don't always have good justification for them.  I was reading one of my new fav blogs Blackberries to Apples, and one thing stuck out to me.  I was reading this post and love this little nugget of wisdom:

"There's a reason I've always had a problem with Christianity, and my reason is this: I've never been able to marry myself to the idea that what I need to achieve true personal happiness is anything separate and outside of myself. And the more I live, the more I think I'm probably right."
I like to agree with that.  I had an experience when D and I were in Europe.   We met a couple who had been on a mission trip for a while.  They were wrapping up the trip and had taken a weekend off to go to Switzerland.  They were extremely friendly and we had some good conversation.  Then you knew it was coming...their life changing experience with Christianity.  Ok.  No problem with them sharing their experience.  Of course the question was pondered, "what about you guys?"  D always has his typical "I was raised Southern Baptist" blah blah story.  Then...heads turn.  I guess I felt on the spot, but I let it right out.  I don't believe in that [in God].  Now, like I said...I'm not good at defending my position.  I agree with everything I read in books, hear, etc., but I just can't retain it.  Ok, ok...I'm getting to the point of the entire story.  Of course discussion of our back home professions happened.  After talking about how I work with foster children but really want to be a teacher, the couple twists it all around.  They decide that I obviously have a god-like heart (or some bullshit of this nature) because of my desire to work with and help children.  WTF?  Just because I want to work with kids does not mean I am like a god or Jesus or whatever.  It infuriates me to no end that people think you can only do "good things" if you are motivated or pushed by religion.  My morals and values and desires are based on me.  What makes me feel good, what I want to do for others, what I think it right.  People do not have to be motivated by religion or some outside deity to do good things.  Again, I'm probably not defending my stance enough.  I'm sure I'll talk again on my views on organized religion and my qualms with it.  For now...I'm just giving a little bit of my two cents.

Go to this post and read more of the great and insightful thoughts.  Ps. I couldn't agree more about trust and cheese.

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Sesh said...

one of the many reasons I love you... i know EXACTLY what you're saying.


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