Sunday, January 24, 2010

STD's, tissue paper, and taxes.

That's right...we FINALLY sent out the save the dates.  A little later than I had hoped (since they are save the dates and invites in one), but it was worth the wait.  D and I were both so pleased with them.  Pics from my iPhone tend to be terrible...but here they are...

The front.  Love it.  My inspiration came from this awesome save the date I found:

Image found at

I loved the tree.  I loved the hand-drawn aspect of it all.  We were going more for postcard style so we could save on stamps (although it didn't end up working out like that).  We snagged the calendar aspect of it too.  After showing Megan my inspiration and ideas (I had a few more STD's for inspiration), she created some awesome ideas to throw at D & I.    The colors we were going for were green and brown (obv tree-esque colors but the party will be green themed as well).  Anyhow, that's how we cam up with the simple, wonderful front of our STD.  On to the back...


Due to the terrible iPhone picture, you can't really see it well.  We incorporated the hand drawn knot on there since there are a couple mentions of us "tying the knot."  Then we have basic details stating that we're having a private ceremony in Aruba but planning to celebrate with friends and family on March 27.  To make it an invite, but save money, time, paper, and stamps on RSVP cards, we just requested guests RSVP on our website.  Most family we know has internet access, so I don't anticipate that will be a problem.  One of my favorite parts is the little turtles in the bottom right hand corner.  Also drawn by Megan, we're going to incorporate those into the theme of the party.  Since the main color will be green and Terrapin has been a big part of our relationship, I wanted turtles to be a part of the party.  I love that these are also hand drawn and will be incorporated in the party.  Love, love, love the STD's. 

The elopement/honeymoon is quickly approaching!  I'm busy with so many other things right's hard to balance it all.  My bachelorette weekend is coming up at the end of February.  I can't wait for that!  It'll be nice to get away, drink, and have fun with my girlfriends for a weekend.  Plus my friend RR is coming in town from NYC (yay! yay! yay!), and I haven't seen her in forever.  Filed my tax return yesterday...certainly could have used a little more help towards the wedding festivities, but it'll work out.  I'm trying to cut some corners.

I talked about bouquets a little bit ago.  For the flowers I liked (although not pictured on that post but similar), my Aruba wedding planner quoted $400!  Wtf?!  No fucking thank you.  The base price for a "bridal bouquet" is $250, which really is more than I'd like to pay anyway.  Talking to some friends about it the other night, I was reminded that I have other options.  I really want a bouquet mainly to add some color and pop in our pictures.  Well, you know me, I try to go against the grain.  I don't need REAL flowers to add that pop.  So I started checking out Etsy for all kinds of ideas.  I probably should try making them myself.  But this is my thought process...1) I'm not super creative, 2) I don't feel like I have time to invest in a project like that, and 3) I don't want to invest time and money in the materials and then be unhappy with the outcome.  So I figured a seller on etsy would be my best bet.  Now I did find this:

Image via

Um...seriously this is hand made!  Wtf.  I just honestly don't think I could ever create something that beautiful.  MS did used to sell a tissue paper flower bouquet kit, but I can not find it sold anywhere anymore.  I'd totally be willing to try it, but I can only find a couple on ebay.  I'm watching them but they already have a decent amount of bidders.  Anyway, here are most ideas I found from etsy:


Check out creativityporterjen on Etsy

This has to be one of my favs.  Martha also has a demonstration for how to do this, but I just can't picture myself doing it well.  I would totally purchase this one (in different colors), but they are asking for a total price of $195 + shipping.  I'm just not sure if I can shake that high price for something handmade.  I definitely get the time and effort going into it, but I may as well dish out the $250 for some real ones at that point.  Here is Martha's:


Actually I adore this one more than the previous

Check out reallybadkitty on Etsy

I like this but with different colors.  It is a much more reasonable $80.  It's fabric and would definitely be easy to travel with.  My problem is it's hard to picture with different colors.  And what colors would I chose?!


I actually also like this (but I think in a different color also) from reallybadkitty on Etsy (see above link).  The listing includes a boutonniere, which I am not interested in, for $ I imagine it's be in the $80 range as well.


Check out perfectlypaper on Etsy

When I saw this, I sort of fell in love a little.  Now, this isn't a bouquet.  There are bouquets listed on the Etsy page but they don't look like this.  I actually really loves these colors for the beach ceremony.  The bouquets look like this:


...and are listed at $40.  Now that is totally do-able.  What I don't like about that bouquet (aside from the colors) is the curly ribbon things and the lack of the style of certain flowers that I liked from the one above.  I've convo-ed the seller on Etsy to see if I can get something custom looking more like the centerpiece above.  Even if she'll do me something custom for $60, I'll be content.  Now one other qualm with the tissue paper flowers is travel ability.  Realistically, I think I would have to have the tissue paper flowers solo (not tied together) and stacked in a box that I could stash in my carry on.  Then I could assemble them before the ceremony in Aruba.  I also inquired if this would be possible.  We'll see what I hear back...

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas on the flowers?

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