Monday, January 4, 2010

Day one: Back to reality.

I called it day 1 since it's my first day back at work after the long
marathon of holidays. Well work was terrible in that we started off
the day with all the things "we" are doing wrong as an agency.
Unfortunately 85+% of the negative examples they used were from one of
MY cases. Fail. I don't think I've ever felt worse about my job.
But the skewed perspectives in the world of public social services is
not something I want to get into now.

I finally returned to the doctor after 6+ weeks of trying to recover
(unsuccessfully) from bronchitis. I ended up spending a total of $90
to be told that I probably still have bronchitis. Let's hope this
clears it up? But since I have the best fiancé ever, D gave me $45
towards the visit :)

On the positive side, I did work out today! And made a delish
vegetarian dinner that D loved. It's funny how the appreciation of a
cooked meal can boost the self esteem. I'll post about the dish
later. I'm pretty happy with the vegetarianism so far. I feel that
overall I've stayed full and felt satisfied for good periods of time.
I'm not really craving anything as of yet... I am hoping that my body
gets a good cleansing too (TMI...but hey, it's my blog).

Monday can die. At least I know how to focus on positive and
negatives (unlike way higher ups at my job).

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