Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We're spending this weekend with our first snow in Raleigh! We're drinking delicious beer, eating delicious food, sitting in recliners at Tobacco Road watching the SEC championship game. We bought a couple Christmas gifts. We got ingredients to make stuffed squash and buffalo Mac n Cheese. We're making plans to go see Christmas lights, a tree lighting, and ice skating. It's really shaping up to be a wonderful December!

Oh and we dressed Bailey up as Santa again :)

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Carrie said...

aww, i've never ever ever seen snow:( That's why i'm planning to head over to Big Bear this winter:D

Have fun!


Kaleena J. said...

christmas cat! haha we're watching the SEC championship game too.

annelise said...

Even though I loathe the cold, I would love to see snow at Christmas just once in my life.

Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! Enjoy it!

bananas. said...

it definitely is beginning to look and feel a lot like christmas. we don't have the snow here in SF but the coldness has made itself comfy and is not planning to leave anytime soon.


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