Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Closet Craving :: Fall/Winter necessities + Giveaway?

It’s been quite a while since I did a closet craving post.  I’ve already picked up a couple necessities I wanted for super cheap (which is amazing for me to find sales at the beginning of the season).  There are just a couple of other pieces I’m certainly coveting for the season though.  I have some dependable brown and black boots and some good sweaters.

Over-the-knee socks 

I want some over-the-knee socks to wear with boots this winter.  I'd prefer gray along with a few other standard colors.  What better way to stay extra warm?!  Where can I find these for cheap?!

Checkered/Gingham shirt

 [J Crew Perfect Shirt in Gingham $72]

I refuse to spend the prices ole J Crew wants for theirs (you've got to be kidding me that a button down cotton shirt should EVER cost $72??)  This would be perfect for layering with sweaters this winter.  I've been coveting a shirt like this for a while.

Another pair of “jeggings” 

I got a cheap pair from Target last year and I basically live in them.  They are super comfy and surprisingly don’t stretch out like my regular jeans.  They are the best for pairing with tall boots.  I tried on a clearance pair at Gap recently, and they were awful.  No butt pockets – no buy.

Colored tights

I have a plum/purple pair, but I’m vying for navy and maybe mustard.  Plus I want to wear skirts a bit more to work in the winter.

A chunky knit

I'm thinking a chunky scarf especially, but I'll settle for a chunky knit sweater too!

A cover for my iPhone - Speck or Kate Spade

I'm trying to decide between both of these.  My Speck case held up wonderfully with my iPhone 3, so I'm confident in the brand.  I wish I knew how hard/tough the Kate Spade case actually was.  I am excited to have a bright case since my last one was boring black.

Now here is where the “giveaway” comes in.  Maybe I tricked you a bit because technically I don’t have a giveaway yet.  I’ve been planning to do one for quite a while, but I wanted to hit 100 followers first.  Help me hit one hundred followers by following through Google Friend Connect, and I’ll present my giveaway.  I’m hoping to be able to do the giveaway in December, so I’m planning to make it festive!  I won’t reveal everything I’m planning to giveaway (primarily because I haven’t determined it all yet) but think stocking stuffer items, my favorite things, and even a donation to a charity of your choice!  Spread the word and help me hit 100!


WannabeRunner said...

Um, I want everything on your list too! I blame Pinterest. :)

Oliviaaa said...

american apparel has the greatest leg warmers that i use as over the knee socks with boots. they run about $18. BUT... they are chunky knit and WARM!! so worth it!

Tara @ Dashing in Pearls said...

You just killed me with everything in this post. Good thing I saw it after I got home from the Houston Galleria and not before or I'd probably be broke now!


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