Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday drinking.

In this household of beer, we typically do not make too many mixed drinks.  We don't keep a constant supply of spirits.  We have a wide variety of beer and a stocked "beer fridge."  This means I stick to easily pulling a beer of and popping the cap.  I can even pour it in one of our many fancy beer glasses if I'm feeling exciting.  Over the summer, I really wanted to make a homemade sangria.  That never happened.  I'm thinking what better way to cozy up and really make the holidays special than by making a few holiday/winter cocktails.

Now this recipe is a little more high-tech for my unprofessional cocktailing (read: fresh vanilla bean and nutmeg), but I know it's something D would die over.

This Winter White Sangria may allow me to finally fulfill my homemade sangria goal!  I love any new way to use a pomegrante as well.

Also a bit more complicated, Hot Buttered Rum.  You can make the spice "batter" in advance and use for a bit though. 

Now this seems super easy and right down my alley.  Real Simple calls it a Bourbon and Blood Orange Blast.  All you need is bourbon and blood orange juice (um, where can I find that??).

D and I do eggnog every year.  This Martha Stewart recipe is for homemade eggnog, but I think we'll stick to store-bought with rum/bourbon.  Believe it or not, I've tried my hand at eggnog and it didn't go over well.  Once the eggnog is purchased, I know it's holiday time!  Some of my favorite holiday memories involve eggnog, Christmas tree cakes, and Home Alone with D. 


Megan said...

Very tasty looking drinks right there! I think the sangria looks awesome. I see you have been perusing pinterest, finding things you will probably never make, just like me!

Prove me wrong and make that sangria! (And I'll try to make something from my pinterest..)

Meaghan said...

I wonder if it's appropriate to put these in my water bottle to drink WHILE running - that way the calories don't count.. Right?? ;)

Kristin Miller said...

Thanks for the recipes, I may try the cider but adjust the vanilla, because who has time for that!? We do spiced egg nog and watch the Rockefeller Tree lighting every year! It's a tradition I started when I was 8...sans spiced egg nog ;-)

Joanna said...

I'm a big fan of Apple cider so the vanilla one sounds yummy!

Mimi said...

ooooooh, these all look good!!! i can't even pick which one i want to drink first, haha! ;)

<3, Mimi
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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I have a board on Pinterest full of fun exciting cocktail recipes, but I've never gotten around to trying them. Hopefully this holiday soon will give me more time to experiment with one. Oh and that Bourbon and Blood Orange Blast is definitely going on my pinterest board. =)


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