Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Half marathon freak-outs.

It's coming.  The half marathon is Sunday.  I've got some things under my belt that are freaking me out just a bit.

1.  My sickness that is still lingering a bit.  It caused me to miss a good bit of my training.

2.  The weather forecast is predicting a high of 60 degrees.  It typically doesn't reach the high until around 2.  I'll be running at 7 or 8 in the morning.  I wouldn't be too worried if it wasn't for my first running failure two weekends ago in which cold weather was against me.

3.  My knees.  They've been feeling a little weak and sore for these last two weeks...and that's only running shorter distances.

4.  My sickness.  It's still be lingering, and my breathing has still been difficult.

5.  My pace has slowed.  While I know the treadmill isn't the best place to gauge my pace, I can tell I'm slower than I was pre-sickness.

6.  My last runs have been on the treadmill.  I really don't like this, but with the the cold lingering and the weather remaining chilly, I couldn't risk my sickness worsening.

While I am feeling my nerves getting to me, I'm keeping my eye on the prize.  Finishing.

[What?!  I want a Tiffany necklace for finishing!]
I will finish.  I can see it in my mind.  I've given up any notion of having a time goal.  My standard race goal will remain: don't walk.  I know I can do this.  I know it will be hard.  Nonetheless, I will do this.

Source: google.com via Kaelyn on Pinterest

I've worked too hard to fail.  It is not an option; it never was.  I can overcome these obstacles.  My body is ready for this.  What percentage of running is mental?  I think I've got the mental part down.

I'm pretty sure, this is going to be my mantra.


Danielle said...

Just think of being sick as a forced rest period. Your body will be so ready to run on Sunday- you'll surprise yourself with your speed!

Meaghan said...

Try to think about the fact that your body will know what to do. Its SO different than if you were going out for an easy run. You're in a race environment, and the adrenaline alone will be enough to get you through. Stay positive, get lots of rest, and stay hydrated. Go kick ass out there!!

M. Eileen said...

oh good luck!!! I'm running a half marathon on Saturday here in Richmond and I'm a super nervous. It is my second, but I'm having all sorts of foot problems this go round! You can do it! And thank you for this post, its given me the extra motivation to calm my nerves!

mommykinz said...

As you said - you're going to finish. LiveStrong is my mantra while I'm running even if I have to slow it down.
Rest until then so your sickness will be much better. Good Luck

WannabeRunner said...

You CAN do this!! Nerves are a normal part...you are going to surprise yourself come Sunday! Good luck!! :)

Oliviaaa said...

i'll be thinking of you on Sunday! I know you can do this!!!

Christine said...

my last pr was actually at a race that i had been sick before and still felt kind of crappy when i started. It forced me to take it easy in the beginning and i ended up having more left in the tank for the finish. & i love my tiffany's finishers medal, i get to wear it whenever and not look silly for wearing a massive medal! ( I actually have 2 different years because an amazing friend of mine gave me hers after I gave her my entry when she didn't get into the lottery)

Shannon said...

I just registered for my 1st half!!! Disney Princess Half in February. So scared, but committed!



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