Monday, November 7, 2011


Last month I wrote about figuring out my true passion in life.  I was still baffled about how to pursue my passion without a trust fund or being completely broke.  I was inspired by Stephanie over at Big Mario Life to think a little deeper about my passion.  The idea didn't hit me until this weekend.

Many website recommend taking a "skill" you have and running with that.  Common skills that are easy to travel with are hair cutting and web design.  With two degrees in social work, I don't have many useful skills to travel with.  But wait!  What do I enjoy?  Traveling, yes.  I also enjoy working with children.  While leaving my D and my animal family for a year+ to teach abroad is not realistic, there is another benefit to being a teacher.  I have my summers off.  Would there be anything wrong with finding a 4-8 week summer school program?  There are lots of international teaching programs that pay.  I would also continue to be paid my teaching salary in those off summer months.  Bingo!  Travel+teaching+getting paid.  I think I've discovered a plan. 

I'm doing a bit of research, and I don't anticipate that I would be able to make this a reality within the 2012 year.  Since I'm boring you with lots of words and no pictures, I'll bring this to a close.  Give me your advice though!  Help me make this happen!

Do you know anyone who has taught (not volunteered, although that may be an option I could/would pursue in the future) abroad?

Have you heard of any successful programs for short-term teaching abroad?


Christine said...

i know the language school I attended in San Sebastain employs people for the summer months, but it would be teaching adults english not children.... Lacunza, international house. The staff was fantastic!

WannabeRunner said...

Go for it!! I don't know much about it, but a guy i dated in college taught English in Korea for a while & he really enjoyed it!

Meaghan said...

I don't know anyone, but this sounds so awesome.. I echo others when saying GO FOR IT!!!

Oliviaaa said...

i think your plan sounds amazing! I only wish I could figure out what I want to do. It's really hard when I don't want to leave the boyfriend. And all opportunities are elsewhere. rawr.

meghan said...

Um. If you find something I will totally 100% not joking do it with you. I love love love travel and would LOVE to go with someone I (kinda) know. Please keep me in mind.

How's the training going?!!? Getting ready!?!

this free bird said...

I don't know anyone who has taught abroad, but Nicole at La Mia Vita is planning to jump to Europe for 6 months this January and JUST posted on it today. Check it out and maybe email? GOOD FOR YOU!!


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