Sunday, November 13, 2011

Official results are in.

Right on par with Garmin but still don't understand the distance difference. So proud nonetheless!

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meghan said...

To have a certified course they have to measure the very shortest distance that a runner can travel around turns, etc. But it's very unlikely that any runner would be able to run the shortest route. That's why your distance showed .1 longer. I was about .15ish longer too, and I was really trying to run the shortest. I went to go look it up because I was wondering after mine too. I ran a 10k once that showed up on Garmin as shorter than 6.2, and I've forever been convinced that the course wasn't measured right.

Joanna said...

Great job, buddy! It's funny you mention this because I had the same issue on my iPod with my 5k today. Odd.

WannabeRunner said...

Agreed with what Meghan said - unless you stick to the tangents just right, you'll probably come out a little more than 13.1 miles. Just a little extra something to be proud of :)

Kristin Miller said...

My Garmin rang in at 26.5 and I purposely tried not to weave too's impossible!


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