Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peace out 2012, bring it on 2013.

Yep.  It's the seemingly obligatory yearly recap.  I really could care less.  2012 was a good one (especially in reflection of 2011 which can still go fuck itself).

January was a little boring.  I made the commitment to live healthy and eat pescatarian, and those commitments lasted throughout the year.
1. February brought continued love for Tasty Beverage where we decided to spend Valentine's Day.
2.  My job took a turn for the worse when we returned after winter break.  Work days & work friends were the only thing that got me through it.
3.  In February, D was able to get us tickets to see Portlandia live in Durham!
4.  In March, an anniversary trip to Max Patch & Asheville, NC was amazing (minus the seriously scary mountain roads).
5.  D helped me get a bike!  I did a lot of exploring the Raleigh Greenway for a few months.
6.  In late March & April, D and I made a spring break trip to Virginia & DC.  I also committed to being happier despite frustrations at my job.  That commitment was likely the only thing that kept me sane throughout the remainder of the school year.
7.  April brought the building of our chicken coop!
8.  I finally brought home our new babies!  Remembering them as little chicks is the best.  I had a great time raising them.
9.  In May we got to see Wicked!

1.  Late May took us to Georgia for celebrating a good friend's return to the states & D's birthday.
2.  June!  The epic California road trip we took started in San Francisco.  
3.  California wineries.
4.  My first time meeting some blogger friends in San Diego!  I can't wait to see these ladies on the east coast next time!
5.  July took me on a trip to Austin, myself!  Thanks to D, it was a great place to get out of my comfort zone and be solo.
6.  August brought a month filled with awesomeness for my birthday.  It was probably one of my best birthdays yet.  D took me to Busch Gardens.
7.  In July (with the help and encouragement of D) I was given opportunity to start a new job that I adore.  In September we got a new group of kiddies.  This new job was probably the best thing to happen to me this year.  It has literally changed my life & certainly my happiness level.
8.  In October, I ran my second half marathon!
9.  Mexico in December!

Looking back through pictures made it so hard to pick out highlights.  I've told D a million times how good 2012 has been to us.  D and I are comfortable and happy.  I have to continually count myself lucky that his job has been so good to him & that he is so good to me.  Life isn't about the material things, but I feel extremely lucky to be in the position to enjoy those things.  I feel so lucky to have been offered the job I have now.  It's a great place with great people.  I love my kiddies.  More than anything, there has not yet been one day that I have dreaded going to this job.  I'm really lucky. 

In a way it's scary that 2012 has been so good to me, good to us.  I just keep my fingers crossed that 2013 is at least as good as 2012.  


Unknown said...

Such a great year. Cheers to 2013!

Alex Byer said...

2012 was a great year for you! Cheers to an even better 2013 ;)

meghan said...

2012 really has been great! Awesome. :) I'm so happy to hear about your improved work situation. I hope we both have a 2013 that can live up to 2012.

Anonymous said...

What a great year end recap! Cheers to a great 2013!


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