Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just popping in.

I wanted to pop in real quick on a Saturday.  I'm headed to Athens today to spend some time with my family since it's my sisters' spring break too.  I'm taking my computer, so I won't be lost and alone in Georgia.  Being on spring break (and having a glorious two week spring break) has made me really grateful for a some things recently.  I'm grateful for...
  • Having the time to sleep long enough to feel rested and wake up on my own.
  • Having the time to eat my breakfast and drink coffee while I blog
  • Waking up next to D Bailey D & Bailey when it's not dark out
  • Running errands during the day
  • Although it bemoans me to say it, I'm grateful to have a job that allows me this wonderful spring break no matter how fast it may fly by.
  • D: for taking me on awesome trips, for helping me purchase things that make me happy, for taking care of and loving me
Of course I could go on, but I'll keep it simple and sweet.  I just stumbled upon Whitney's blog the other night (and now I'm currently obsessed), and she reminded me that I'm free to be happy.  Sometimes it feels like a never-ending battle when the majority of your days are consumed by a job that feels like it has more frustrating days than not (or days that give you literal, physical anxiety...I should probably take something for that).  I need to keep my head up and remember to make that daily decision to be happy.

[It's a midset.]

[I saw this a while back and tried to make it a daily mantra - I think it faded after a few weeks]

[I've got some ideas for this]

Let's go forth and be happy.

1 comment:

whitney said...

i love those pictures.

and you new [or refreshed] outlook.

have so much fun in athens!

give the bulldog a big kick to the face while you are there. tell him its from a gator.


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