Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beer, bikes, and rain.

I told you all about what I had in store for last weekend.  Let me tell you it didn't disappoint for kick-starting my spring break.  We just got back from DC, and I'll let you in on all that fun tomorrow!  For now, a delayed weekend update.

Sure enough, we started our weekend off at Raleighwood with a little beer and pizza.  We saw Sherlock Holmes, which I liked a lot.  I forgot how awesome the cinematography was from the first film.  Can you really go wrong with Robert Downey Jr., anyway?!

I mentioned the chicken coop may be an option for Saturday.  Even if our friend had been available, all day looked like this.

 [It started like this...]

[...then went to this]

Instead of coop building, we spent a good 3+ hours cleaning the house and packing.  Don't worry though, I self-medicated to get through my hatred of cleaning.

[Um, yeah...those clothes solidify my hatred of cleaning.  Beer makes everything better though]

I am SUPER thrilled because I was able to get my bike!  I just need a helmet and a little practice, then I'll be ready to hit the road!

Of course we rounded out the weekend by seeing the Hunger Games.  I pretty much loved it.  I thought the small changes were legit in conversion from book to movie.  I loved most of the casting (except Gale!) and thought Jennifer Lawrence was amazing.  I won't overload you on Hunger Games commentary though.  We headed straight to DC right after the movie which was a wonderful time!  

I'm still trying to savor every moment of spring break before it slips away too quickly. 

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