Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekend getaway :: Relaxation.

We spent our last full day of the getaway by not doing too much.  We started our day by heading up to Max Patch.  It's a super easy one and a half mile hike which allows for stunning views!

 [Part of the Appalachian Trail]

Of course we brought the pups along for the walk.  It was gorgeous up there.  The hike was a nice way to start our day of relaxation.

D and I pretty much spent the entire day eating, reading, and drinking.

 [Gorgeous views to grill to]

 [Finally made a dent in this one...probably the only way I finished in a legit amount of time]

[Kick ass homemade dinner + Argentinean wine]

It was such a perfect weekend.  I could not have asked for anything more.  It was my first time visiting Asheville as well as trying a vegan restaurant.  We did lots of drinking and hot tubbing.  Now, if I could just get away from the scary mountain roads, I'd be down for this monthly!


Stephanie said...

this looks like the perfect weekend! I tried a vegan restaurant for the first time a couple months ago and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.

Claire Kiefer said...

Hot tubs and grilling and vegan food and drinking! Sounds like a blissful time to me! Matt and I bought a groupon for 2 nights camping in Half Moon Bay and I can't wait to go!

Oliviaaa said...

an entire day of eating, drinking and reading!? count me in!!! we're actually going camping in May and my entire itinerary for the long weekend is to do those three things. and maybe hike :]


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