Saturday, March 3, 2012

We'll just call this our little escape.

I'm absolutely thrilled that D and I have our second anniversary coming up on March 8.  It's starting to become a tradition that we make a little escape to a cabin in the mountains.  We escaped last year to Boone, NC where we had a wonderful, rain-filled, chilly weekend of doing nothing.

Fast forward one year later and we're headed out to what's been dubbed a "hacienda" in Hot Springs, NC.

[I hope the weather is this beautiful next weekend]

[Mandatory when booking a mountain cabin :: hot tub!]

Since we usually plan our vacations or even weekend trips around a beach, it's nice to escape to the mountains for a bit.  We're able to take the dogs and just be for the weekend.  After my 2012 at work so far, I'm desperately looking forward to a four-day week next week and spending a long weekend with D for our anniversary numero dos.

While I'm at it, I've got a second year gift to plan.  The second year is cotton (or china), and I doubt it could equal up to last years' homemade gift.  I have some ideas that I think will appease a husband of two years though.  


Oliviaaa said...

whoo to the hoo!!! can I come next year??? :]

M. Eileen said...

oh! Have so much fun!!!!!! Happy early anniversary!

Mimi said...

that place looks amazing! it looks so beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. happy 2nd anniversary to you guys! :D

<3, Mimi

Brittany said...

That look soo wonderful!! Happy 2nd Anniversary!


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