Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend getaway :: Asheville style.

I told you we were headed on a weekend getaway for our second anniversary.  I know it's been a week since we've been back, but it was a perfect, relaxing weekend.

[Our cabin in Hot Springs, NC]

We spent the night getting settled in.  Of course we brought the dogs.  The rain foiled out hot tub plans, so we ate, drank and played a little Scrabble by the fire.

[Greeted with homemade blueberry bread and a personalized card!]

 [Upstairs loft in the cabin.  Yeah, imagine if you have to pee in the middle of the night]

 [Our little kitchen/Scrabble playing grounds]

[Hard decisions to be made.]

[Pups by the fire.]

Of course we started the day with a little coffee.  Then we made our way down the mountain to wonderful Asheville.  The mountain road was winding and stressful, but the trip was more than worth it.

 [Layered up - hipster style

[Definitely check out Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville! Amazing food!  I got the Huevos Fucheros.  Just be sure they actually give you the vegetarian option you order...]

After chowing down at Asheville, and a disturbing lesson learned in asking about food that doesn't necessarily taste veggie style, even though you ordered it that way, we headed out to visit a couple local breweries in Asheville.

 [Pisgah! We heart local breweries]

 [Pisgah tastings!]

[And organic?!  What!]

[More delicious flights to be tasted]

Wedge was probably the coolest place we visited in Asheville.  It was artsy and hipster.  They have a kick-ass outdoor area with corn hole and a train that rustles by in the background.  There's peanuts to nosh on and some of the best locally brewed beers I tried.  

We didn't stop with the beer tastings.  I'll update on our first vegan restaurant outing soon!


Lacey in the City said...

Looks like a great time! The cabin is so cool, and if I were sleeping in that loft and had to use the restroom in the night, I would absolutely fall down half those stairs on my butt.

M. Eileen said...

What an awesome weekend! I love love love Asheville!

Oliviaaa said...

I'm just playing catch up... don't mind the comment blast that is about to follow. but that cabin looked like all kinds of perfection. :]


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