Monday, August 2, 2010

Here it is.

So I spent hours making my 101 in 1001 list!  I wanted to post it here for everyone to see.  I'm not going to start it until September 1 just because things are hard enough now without pay!  Of course there were so many things I wanted to add, but had to make it tangible for my timeline.  I think it's tangible and am looking forward to putting some things I neglected on a new list in a couple of years.  I think this is a cool way to look back at who you were when you started your list as well.  Here goes nothing!

Start date:  September 1, 2010
End date:  May 30, 2013


1. Buy a house
2. Buy something from Etsy
3. Get another tattoo
4. Buy a new piece of jewelry that I’ll wear for years
5. See Kathy Griffin live
6. Get a new pair of glasses
7. Buy one full-priced piece from Anthropologie
8. Meet up with KD in a city and see Lady Gaga again
9. Buy a pair of TOMS
10. Spend a day eating/shopping/reading alone in public
11. Buy a bicycle
12. Get a couples massage
13. Buy a new piece of furniture
14. Buy my dad tickets to see Jimmy Buffett
15. Treat D to a fancy dinner anywhere on me
16. Have a spa day
17. Buy a fabulous pair of jeans in a smaller size (once I get there)
18. Get a bikini wax
19. Buy a blazer


20. Make a special anniversary gift for the hubby
21. Put together an awesome thrifted outfit
22. Grow something edible
23. Finish a puzzle
24. Finish writing another 101 list at the end of the 1001 days
25. Make a sewing box
. Make a photobook of wedding pictures
27. Start a list of places I want to see/travel
28. Make a photobook of Europe trip
29. Start a compost pile
30. Make homemade sangria
31. Bake bread
32. Make a homemade pesto or hummus

33. Send flowers to someone
34. Sponsor a child at Christmas
35. Donate blood
36. Eliminate all clothes that I haven’t worn since moving to Raleigh and donate them
37. Donate to Locks of Love
38. Volunteer somewhere
39. Buy someone a "Just Because" gift
40.  Give a loan on Kiva
41. Buy a lesson or class for someone
42. Donate all my old glasses
43. Donate at least 10 items from Raleigh Rescues Urgent Needs List (0/10)


44. Don't eat fast food for a month
45. Put away $25 for every goal completed
46. Take a sign language class
47. Have bi-weekly date nights with the hubby without cell phones (0/64)
48. Run another 5K
49. Pay off my credit cards
50. Get to my goal weight and maintain
51. Put something in savings every single month (0/32)
52. Start a 401K
53. Have sex in 20 new places (0/20)
54. Back up all pictures and documents on my laptop
55. Call my brother at least once per month (0/32)
56. Make at least one new recipe per month (0/32)
57. Create a budget and stick to it
58. Go to the dentist regularly (every 6 months)
59. Play with the dogs outside at least once per month (0/32)
60. Purchase a piece of art for our home
61. Invite a new friend out for coffee/shopping/a meal
62. Purchase new bed sheets and comforter for our room


63. Ride in a hot air balloon
64. Visit NYC with KD & CAP in Winter 2011
65. Buy last minute airline tickets for a getaway
66. Eat at a renowned restaurant
67. Visit 3 of the 1000 Places to go Before You Die (0/3)
68. See a play on Broadway
69. Go to Spain/Greece
70. Visit KayD in Boston
71. Visit KD in Birmingham
72. Take a road trip
73. Visit my M-A kids who got adopted
74. Do an extreme activity in another country
75. Go to a winery tour
76. Go to a museum I've never been to before
77.  See a concert in another country
78. Go on 30 of the “60 hikes within 60 miles: Raleigh”  (0/30)
79. Eat 3 things I've never tried before
80. Visit 3 states I’ve never been before (0/3)
81. Bike the Greenway – past the sketchy areas
82. Eat at 10 new restaurants in Raleigh (0/10)


83. Identify 101 things that make me happy
84. Read at least 25 books from the 101 Books to Read Before You Die list  (0/25)
85. Bake a new dessert from scratch
86. Join a club
87. Watch all IMDB's Top 250 Movies
88. Make a meal entirely from food bought at the farmers market
89. Convince D to participate in a race with me
90. Learn to make a new mixed drink
91. Sleep in the nude
92. Try 25 new sex positions (0/25)
93. Go skinny dipping
94. Send a postcard to PostSecret
95. Play kickball on a team
96. Wear heels 2x per month (0/64)
97. Be a vegan for a week
98. Go skiing
99. Go bowling
100. Stop watching TV for one week at home
101. Donate $5 to charity for each goal I don't finish

Make your own list here


Mimi said...

that's a very good list! :D

<3, Mimi

Autumn Nicole said...

Very inspirational, even if I don't create a list! Maybe one day I will have the courage to do that!

Marcie said...

What a fun list! I can relate to #1 and #2! And I love #99, but don't think I can do #100!

xo Marcie

Valerie said...

What a great list! I love this idea and agree that it's a fun way to look back and see where we were a few years ago. I might have to do one as well. Thanks for the inspiration!



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