Friday, August 20, 2010

It is such an honor to be up here accepting this award...

Annelise from Box of Crayons presented me with my first blogger award!  I'm so honored :)  I mean seriously.  I feel like I'm now officially a BIG DEAL.

Since I've never officially accepted an award before, I hope I get my speech right.  I believe I am supposed to impress you with seven random things about me.  I must say this is quite difficult as I feel I am pretty open about myself and what goes on with me and my life. goes nothing?

  1. I've told you about my love for tattoos but not that I have any.  Well I do currently have two.  A cluster of three stars drawn by myself on my foot (not so original) that I got my sophomore year in college.  It actually represents a very transitional year for me.  My other tattoo is on the back of my neck and is a peace dove sketch by Picasso.  I adore the sketch and meaning behind peace doves but that represents my time in Athens and as a social worker.
  2. I'm not the best driver.  I actually hate to say/type that out loud.
  3. The previous being said, I have been through five cars now (on my sixth) and I have only wrecked two of those.  The wrecks have also only happened within the past 3 years.
  4. I am about to pay off my last credit card.  I made some bad mistakes with credit cards in college and don't plan to get another one unless it is for family emergencies.
  5. Even though I still feel like I know very little about teaching, I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I hope I stay a teacher forever.  (ps. I love the flexibility you have as a teacher to experiment with different ages, subjects, etc...I hope that keeps me in the field).
  6. D and I actually went to the same small, rural high school together but never spoke to one another until college.  
  7. Of all my talk and love of craft beer, my favorite beer, when I "met" D 5 years ago, was Rolling Rock.  We still get a laugh out of this.  I also use it as testimony that anyone can become a quality beer lover...I went from Rolling Rock to stouts :)
Now I get the honors of passing on the award to three wonderful bloggesses!  I have been finding soooooo many wonderful blogs lately that it is so hard to's my best shot!

  • Kaleena at Just Add Kaleena - somehow she always makes me laugh with her posts!  And I can relate to something in every single post
  • Mayra at life is BANANAS. - I know she has received this award already (is that blogger faux pas??) but I can not get enough of her posts.  Love love love this blog!
  • Carrie at this free bird - I love her pictures, her fashion, and her stories, (her comments on my blog ;))
Seriously...I would love to be friends with all these ladies in "real life" (at least I hope I would).  Thank you blogging world for making me laugh, giving me fashion tips, reminding me that I'm not alone, showing me beautiful art and photography, and giving me virtual "friends."  And so completes my "First and foremost I need to thank God" award speech (because we all know I would never thank god)! 
    Thanks again to Annelise and my growing blog supporters!

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    annelise said...

    I gave you this award and then never commented on yours!

    I also love tattoos so much. Some guys just looked effing hawt with a full sleeve (hello, David Beckham...). And I so love the feeling of feeling like you're supposed to be where you are right now. That's how I feel about being at university this year. Leaving my shitty job was the best thing I ever did.

    Hope the semester is getting off to a good start!


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