Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House Hunting :: The realtor.

I told you guys that we had been driving around window shopping homes, and we decided to take the plunge and start looking inside some of them.  We knew this was going to be an involved process, so we figured why not go ahead and look at some.  We got hooked up with a realtor who of course asked us about pre-approval.  We hadn't taken that step yet because we weren't feeling like we would find something that day and want to put down a bid.  Then we decided to just go with it so we would have an idea of what our actual price range would be.  Much to our surprise, we got approved for more than we thought!  That still doesn't change much about our price range though. 

We're looking for something like this...
Haha...yeah right.

We're still looking at our modest three bedroom/two bath homes :)  Even though we initially tried to make our point clear that we are simply looking, the realtor loves to keep mentioning a particular house that we should "make a move on quickly" for whatever reason.  The thing is...we weren't even in love with that one.  It was one of the first we looked at and it was adorable.  It was very much like the homes D and I have rented in the past; however it has a tiny kitchen (with no dishwasher...ugh) and one bathroom.  I mean it is high on our list of "likes" but we don't see ourselves coming home to that house every day.  Realtors can be so pushy.  Then there's a home that is really close to downtown that just went on the market we want to see.  When we mentioned it to her, she almost immediately shot it down stating that since it just went on the market she "seriously doubts" we could get the seller to go down on the price and pay closing costs.  Ok, we'll call her B, get a freaking grip.  We want to LOOK at the house and keep our eye on it.  After this, we had to gently remind B that we are looking and taking our time.  We're freaking first-time homebuyers!  This is nothing we are going to rush into the first house we might moderately like.  Now we know we aren't going to find something like this...

[Although isn't it gorg?! weheartit]

We're just looking for our modest three bedroom/two bath with a decent kitchen and big yard.  We'll find it.  

**This is another reason I've been slacking on posts!  I'm trying to fit in a full day at school and leaving immediately after to view houses.  BUSY!


Valerie said...

Congratulations on your loan approval! These houses are so beautiful! I can't wait to hear about what you find.


Mimi said...

good luck with house hunting! i know you'll find the perfect one! :D

<3, Mimi


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