Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wife fail.

I went thrifting this weekend and got D a Stephen King book. He loves Stephen King but barely has/makes time to read anymore. When he got back from work at the outer banks, he gave me a gift. A beach chair I've been dying for. It was 30 bucks. He gave me a $30 beach chair and a t-shirt. I gave him a 2 dollar book that was actually bought with his money (because I'm still broke...payday is FRIDAY!). Wife failure.

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Destined For Now said...

That does not sound like a failure! I'm sure he's not thinking of how much he spent vs. how much you spent. In fact, he's probably glad you didn't spend a lot of his money. Kidding. It really is the thought that counts and you both are thinking about each other and wanting to take care of the other...sounds like a wife and husband win to me!

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

its the thought that counts! for real!


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