Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm a downer.

So...I'm going to miss a day of blogging from the vacay.  I hope you guys were inspired by my 101 in 1001 list yesterday.  I got really overexcited and spent so much time working on it.  Before I left for camping, I watched my most recent (now not your most recent since I'm on vacay and another aired [am I even making sense??]) episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List.  I don't want to spoil the episode (SO DON'T READ FURTHER IF YOU WATCH AND HAVEN'T SEEN THIS EPISODE), but one of Kathy's dogs passes away.  It got me thinking a lot about my family and pets.  I told you before about my family.

Our oldest pet is Bailey.  He is my adored baby.  I raised him pretty much alone as a kitten.

So Bailey was the first baby.  Then D and I moved in together and we got Stella girl :)

Isn't she adorable?  She looks like a baby seal.  We raised her from a puppy.  Her and Bailey got along well.  I was shocked since Bailey was a single child for so long.  After Stella was about a year old, we went back to the shelter looking specifically for a smaller dog who was already house broken (I had seen him online).  Bad. idea.  That guy wasn't there, but we were won over by the pitiful crying (bad sign?) from sweet little Marlee.

We signed up as the second in line to get him.  We figured there was no shot (since what person wouldn't want to adopt a cute little puppy??).  We obv there was a shot and we got him.  Fast forward through a terrible puppy raising experience with Marlee to a year later adopting Harper/Little Girl/Leedo...

And now they are all the best of friends.

Anyway...my whole downer point of this post is that I have no clue what we/the other pets will do when one of them passes away.  Marlee is pretty dependent on Stella.  Bailey is pretty dependent on us/I'm super dependent on him.  Little Girl isn't too dependent on Bailey.  Stella would be pretty lonely without Marlee.  I like to just imagine that they will all be here forever :)

**Sorry for the downer post...I have a training for school on the 4th, so hopefully I'll be black blogging on Friday the 5th!

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Kaleena J. said...

Oh wow!! What cute animals!! <3 it's always sad though that they have to die. :( Never gets easier.

Marcie said...

I LOVE the puppy! She is just adorable!!

xo Marcie

this free bird said...

I can relate to this so much. My two cats were ferals and love and depend on each other in a different way than I've ever seen. I'm so worried about what will happen when one passes. I fear the other will just give up. :( I might just jump in after them. So sad. I'm so there with you.


annelise said...

Your pets are gorgeous :)

I know this feeling of dread, I have it too. We have two cats and one of them we've had since I was 12. I'm 30 now and Eddie was already a year old. Given that cats generally live for about 15 years, Eddie is a freaking rock star. Albeit, a bit deaf, but that's okay. Whenver I see him sleeping the sun, I always pause, just to make sure he is actually breathing. It's going to just kill me - I can't even say it!


Have just followed your blog, I thought I already had! Missed all these posts to go read through! :)


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