Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My days are dwindling.

It's almost time for the ole work routine to be back up and going.  I start this dreadful "Beginning Teacher Institute" on Thursday.  I figured they'd let us slide with a 9-4 day, yeah fucking right.  How about 7:30 to 4...ugh.  I die.  Maybe I'll learn something.  Regardless, I'll take the $100/day (and this little girl needs that money desperately).  I'm savoring the days of sleeping in a bit (hello 5:00am wakeup calls) and working out anytime I want.  Oh and going to my group fitness classes at the Y.  I'm really, really going to miss those.

Anyway since I did a closet craving yesterday, I will update on my weekend.  We had a pretty chill weekend.  D had been out of town for half the week.  He had also been feeling sick.  We took Saturday to chill out.  We did hit up the state farmer's market.  I'm planning to be a regular there once the money is flowing again.  They have it all.  I can't wait for farm fresh produce and eggs!

On Sunday we went to see Inception in IMAX.  I have to say bananas has the best pictures (and quotes) from the wonderfully handsome cast here.  I'm not going to go into a synopsis, spoilers, or whatever (because you can get that stuff other places online).  Suffice it to say, you should see it.   See it in IMAX if you can.
I mean there's Leo...

[whoa.  can't believe he went from Gilbert Grape to this.  image.]

I've never swooned so much over Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

[I read that he replaced James Franco in the movie...as much as I love James...Joseph was a good pick.  And surprisingly more handsome than I would have thought.  image via google]

[Not a scene from the movie, but whoa.  I am a little in love with him here.  Great turn around from his hosting stint on SNL which did not win me over.  here]

And finally, Tom Hardy...

[this really isn't the picture I wanted to use.  He looks 10x better in the movie.  He's dreamy :)  here via google]

All in all, nice relaxing weekend before I get back to the 7-3 grind of school.


Joyti said...

I've got to watch that movie...love the screen grabs you put up.

this free bird said...

i've gotta say that movie swept me away. it was nuts!!

to hell with work, jobs, bills. i need a lottery winning. maybe i should buy a ticket


Mimi said...

i have to agree that joseph gordon-levitt looks dashing here! :)

<3, Mimi

Unknown said...

Joseph Gordon Levitt, how crazy is that?? I remember when he was the little kid on 30 Rock! XO!

annelise said...

Starting work at 7.30am? Yuck. Good luck with that!

Sybil said...

i love love JGL!!! :D he's super hot!! i have yet to see inception! :D

Animated Confessions

Kaleena J. said...

MMMM. all of them are just delicious. especially Leo. <3


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