Thursday, September 16, 2010

A day off and big news coming (hopefully).

I had to/got to take the day off work today because of a doctors appointment.  I couldn't reschedule or it would have been November before they could get me in (gah!).  Anyway, I finally got paid for the beginning teacher training I went to in August as well as reimbursed for my Praxis teaching tests (which I passed BOTH...wahoo!).  Praxis money went straight to D, and most of the other money is going towards my doctors appointment, getting my oil changed (almost 1000 miles over!), and gas.  I am going to take advantage of my day off and hit up a couple thrift stores (and maybe H&M...but I'm afraid of being tempted into buying too much).  The rest of the money has to go in our savings.

Something pretty big happened yesterday.  I don't want to announce yet...but I am hoping to be able to spill the beans this weekend.  D is out of town and I'll schedule some more posts for next week.  I'm off to my appointment!  Happy Thursday!


this free bird said...

Kristin I'm so excited for you!! I love to hear good things happening in your world...stop by Target today! It won't break your bank too much - I saw so many great pieces of clothing the other day for under $30 it was nuts.

And, while I'm avoiding directly referencing your last piece of 'waiting on' news (until now I guess hehe), I'm still excited to hear it!!


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Can't wait to hear this "big" news. Sounds like you are having a full day off. H&M...what a wonderful thought!

bananas. said...

aw man what's the big news? i hate being teased ;)

btw my glasses are real. i own about 10 pairs, it's one of my many obsessions. and i refuse to get lasik because of that reason. the brand is warby parker. check them out online. they have great frames.

annelise said...

Love getting chunks of money! And intriguing - can't wait to hear the big news! Have a great weekend. xx


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