Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to get cooking.

Counter space in the kitchen was a necessity when we were looking at houses.  We love our kitchen in our rental (mainly for the gas stove) but there is no counterspace.  We looked at this little house and fell in love with the hardwoods and yard...

...but the kitchen was quite lacking...

[What you see is what you get...]

Literally.  This picture is it for the counter space.  There's a corner for the refrigerator, but that's it.  No dishwasher (or room to even install one without compromising your cabinet space).  I just couldn't invest in a house with such a sparse kitchen.

I am thrilled with our new kitchen in the new house!

Lots of counter space...wonderful cabinets...a dishwasher :)  Eventually we'll upgrade appliances (need a gas stove!), but this is a perfect start.  Even though I don't cook too much (D is the master cook in this family), I'm still obsessed with beautiful kitchens.

[Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  I love the variety of colors and the barstools.  We are going to have to find barstools for our kitchen.  Ahh...  Image via design*sponge]

[I'm obsessed with islands.  We don't have room for one.  This one is a fabulous use of storage for the pots and pans.  Love.  I also love islands that have the sink in them :)  Image via design*sponge]

[Here we go!  Sink in the island.  I love the modern and clean look of this kitchen.  I may consider a more modernized backspalsh when we really start decorating.  Image via design*sponge]

[I am obsessed with chalkboard paint.  I am definitely going to find somewhere in my house to incorporate some.  I like this little kitchen.  The drawer pulls give it a modern feel without the stainless steel appliances (which seem to symbolize modernism these days).  Image via design*sponge]

[Can't you just picture your guests sitting at the table sipping their wine (or Terrapin beer in our household) while you're whipping up a delicious meal for them?  Yep.  Image via weheartit]

[I just can't take my eyes off this picture.  I think it's the green that's got me hooked.  Image via weheartit]

Any kitchen decor ideas?

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bananas. said...

you're not along in wanting the perfect kitchen.

mine isn't too big but i love it!


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