Friday, September 10, 2010

Since I've been goooooooone.

Here's snippets of what I've been up to and what's happened (hope the pics show up when I email this...if not I'll repost).

-I got my boring, drab trailer classroom with too many seats and one lonely bulletin board.  Hopefully after pictures are to come.
-I spent an entire night hand cutting and drawing letters for my one lonely bulletin board.
-I finally went thrifting (with D's $) and found an awesome record player for D...
-...but it was inside this TV contraption. Didn't get it but scored a dress, blazer (!), and books for my classroom.
-Spent a couple nights writing these adorable postcards to parents telling them good things about their child.
-My car hit 10,000 miles already! Started at 54 back in April when we bought it.
-Celebrated our 6 month anniversary sans tattoo but with a homemade steak dinner, wedding wine, broke out wedding gift wine glasses, and a beer in our wedding party pints.

Even with no money, I still have a wonderful life :)

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this free bird said...

I love your last sentence best :)

And thanks so much for being a teacher who cares. My niece is only 4 and had her "first day" of kindergarten the other day during which i wept when she walked off with her little book bag.

Her teacher was so kind and I have a newfound respect for teachers who truly care and put their heart into their students and the profession.


Kristin W said...

@ this free bird - Thank you :) I'm still a new teacher so I'm throwing my full heart and self into it! Burn out is so easy in the profession. I hope I can maintain flexibility and tips to keep doing this for the right reasons!

this free bird said...

Kristin I really feel for you because you have so many things to balance just at work as a teacher. Hang in there!! And be kind and fair to yourself. I used to own a daycare so I know parents can be difficult. I had 170 to deal with and they damn near drove me to the brink sometimes, but only b/c they loved their kids. I think. Oy


Kristin W said...

Carrie! We need to have a real convo (and by real I mean virtual) about this! You used to own a daycare?! I fell in love with teaching when I worked in a Montessori daycare.

And you hit the nail on the head...they is SO MUCH to balance. Case in point why I have had zero time to blog! I'm taking full advantage of this weekend to relax :) And parents...I'm a special ed teacher so...yeah ;)

Valerie said...

What a cool record player and your classroom looks great! Score on all the thrifing finds. And happy 6 month anniversary!


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