Monday, September 20, 2010

I hate it so bad I want to cry.

Don't you think it's weird how some people LOVE cleaning and others HATE it?  I was at a training last week and we all had to introduce ourselves, yada yada yada.  One of the girl's "special interests" was actually cleaning because it is relaxing for her.  I almost threw up in my mouth.  I despise cleaning.  The one thing I despise most is...doing the dishes.

[My sink pretty much looks like this half the time (although this is NOT my sink)]

Ok...we do not have a dishwasher in our house right now.  It is like my personal living hell.  Believe it or not we've looked at some houses without a dishwasher...DEALBREAKER!  It is a complete necessity in my life.  D and I try to take turns, but it doesn't help.  I turn into a whiny 2 year old when I have to do them.  I hate putting my hands in that dirty, disgusting water.  I hate the way my fingers get so wrinkly and feel icky.  I hate scrubbing the dishes trying to get everything off.  It doesn't help our situation that 1) we both aren't the biggest fans of chores/doing dishes, 2) we let them pile up so it's 10x worse when we actually have to do them and 3) D is the worst about filling up cups and bowls with water so they don't have crusty milk in the bottom.  I do full on whining, complaining, constantly saying "I hate this so much," and almost crying when I do dishes.  D said last time that I turned into a little kid when I did dishes.  I told him I didn't care.  He should know that about me all too well and this was never going to change.  I am not sure where my hatred of dishes comes from...  I hate chores in general.  D actually does most of the chores (although we're both pretty messy).  I've joked that when we buy a house we are going to HAVE to invest in a maid :)

Needless to say...I need a dishwasher ASAP

UPDATE:  I'm finally going to have a dishwasher again :) 


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

LOL. I am on both ends. One day I love to clean. Another day I don't. Well, at least our place is clean 1/2 the time.

Kaleena J. said...

We don't have a dishwasher either... I tend to be the dishwasher (that wasn't supposed to be a sexist joke haha) And I actually love cleaning. .... :/

Mimi said...

i hope you get a dishwasher sometime soon! i actually don't mind washing dishes (even by hand). i guess it's because that's really my chore since i was young. haha. i hate vacuuming though.

<3, Mimi


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