Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is it legit...

...that I take no pleasure of claim being a "southern girl."  I came across a blog (which I will not name) that is written by a southern girl.  Now I hear it a lot.  People putting quotes on facebook about being being sweet tea loving, huntin', couuuuuuntreeeee kind of girls.  Omg.  I die.  Now, here is the urban dictionary definition (probably the same quote I've seen everywhere) of a southern girl:

'The best girls around. They are always pretty and show themselves well. Normally dressed in their easter colored polos, lacostes, or michael stars. Allways (well, usually) seen wearing there name brand jeans blue cult, 7's, citizens, angel, paper denim, etc...Accesories always consist of them pearl earings. Simple yet ellegant. All southern girls own atleast 1 surf shop or restaurant T-shirt from somewhere on the coast, most likely Wrightsville. Found cruising around in their silver or green Range Rovers or Land Rovers, and if not, volvos or station wagons. Hangouts consist of North Hills (if your familliar with Raleigh, NC), or any place that serves fresh ice tea and warm grits. The music they listen to is usually very mellow, like Dave Matthews, OAR, James Taylor, Alanis Morrissette, Hootie, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffet, Rascal Flatts, etc...Southern hospitality runs in the family. Southern households are the most generous of them all, which makes southern girls, the sweetest. Always remember though, the carolina girls are the best! "'Carolina girls, best in the world!'"
 Um...holy shit, who wrote this?  First...the spelling is atrocious! Aside from the spelling, I am most disturbed nauseous by the fact that apparently this was written not by some deep south, Georgia Southern college student, but someone who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina!*  A part of my dies inside a little.  My post was totally not supposed to be like or about this. 

Back on point...why is it that southern girls think they are so great?  I would never in my life stake claim to being the typical "southern girl."  I won't deny.  I went through the phase in college.  How could I not?!  I was surrounded by it in college.  Now...re-read the definition above.  I googled "southern girl" to find that definition.  When I clicked google images, here is an example of what I found:

[This is just sickening]

[Um.  ew.]

I literally can not go on.  There was not one picture of a Lacoste, pearl wearing lady.  I primarily found disturbing provocative images or disgusting confederate flag pictures.  Why would I ever want to associate myself with this title?  Maybe it means I was meant to get out of the south.  I can drink sweet tea anywhere.  I don't even own a real set of pearls.  I can find a lot more fashionable clothing than a Lacoste collared shirt.  I will always be polite because I was raised that way.  Actually, I find more ignorance and closed-mindedness in the south. 

*I am so disturbed because I felt that Raleigh/NC as a whole was more liberal and open-minded.  And I have yet to encounter any of these "southern girls" here.

**I am writing this on Saturday after I have been working for hours and hours on school stuff (told you I am swamped!).  I've had a couple of beers at this point (umm....yes I am alone) and may not be in the best mind to rant about southern girls.  I may just continue this rant on another day ;)


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justagirlLaura said...

I hear you. I lived in Georgia for eight years and ran into more superficial, narrow-minded people than anywhere else I lived. I mean, everyone is allowed to have pride in their home, but this is definitely taking it too far. Especially if it isn't true!


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