Monday, July 11, 2011


Ok, so D got me thinking tonight. I have been banking on doing a 10k next week at the beach...well ON the beach. It is my first 10k (and I haven't done a 5k race since October). I was reeled in by the fact that it's at the beach AND only cost $3. It is literally on the in the sand.

So my question is...should I do it? I knew a 10k outside would be a challenge since I've done most of my consistent runs (no walking) inside and on a treadmill. I did begin worrying myself though. Would it doubly fatigue me in the heat & running in sand (meaning possibly not finishing/walking the majority)? Would I be more likely to become injured right before my half training?

Is it overall a bad idea?

I would be bummed if I didn't do it, but I'd be pissed if I had to walk the majority or got injured. It's not a super serious race and I could always find a cool place to run 6.2 miles to actually achieve running a 10k. D and I would still go to the beach.



Danielle said...

whoa.... running on the beach is ridiculously hard, though for $3 I'd consider doing it.

Even if you did walk most of it, it'd still be good training.

But is it worth entering a race for? I'd say if a race shirt was included for the $3, go for it! If not... just find 6.2 miles on your own schedule to do it =)

meghan said...

I think it all depends on how it will effect your self-confidence. Will you be upset with yourself or discouraged if you had to walk most of the way? If so, then I'd say don't do it. Is the sand that you're running in hard and packed sand like a road, or is it soft sand that gives way under your feet? I think both of those are things to consider. If it's hard packed sand it might not be that much more difficult...

I think it's all up to you and how it will effect you mentally. I'm sorry I'm not much more help...


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