Monday, July 4, 2011

What are all those spots?

There is not much I don't love about summer.  I'm lucky enough to be a teacher who gets a summer vacation (although I'm totally torn on the year-round school thing...for my benefit & the students') and doesn't have a summer job (although that's something I could totally benefit from as well).  I get to spend lots of time by the pool and at the beach.  It's time for vacation.  I love sitting outside on the porch, drinking beer, and eating dinner.  I only have one primary complaint about summer...

MOSQUITOES.  It's a running joke that if there is one mosquito, it will inevitably eat me alive while never bothering D.  It gets really annoying having to spray myself down with bug spray every time I want to go outside for five minutes.  Don't even get me started on what happens if one gets inside the house.  Oh yeah, I've had to spray myself inside before. 

What happens if I miss one tiny spot of my body with the bug spray?  Numerous bites.  I've always had a really bad habit of itching since I was a child.  I can't stop, and I do it in my sleep.  I wake up itching.  Even with minimal itching, the bite swell to an enormous size and often end up looking like a bruise.   While D is out of town, I wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather and a drink.  I opted not to because I didn't want the hassle of spraying myself down. 

Do you have any fool proof mosquito prevention techniques?  Any anti-itch recommendations? 


annelise said...

Ugh, mosquitoes. I wish they would die a thousand deaths. I once sprained my ankle by falling off my bed, trying to kill one, believe it or not. I feel your pain!

Enjoy your summer break :) It's a nice bonus to have all of summer off while others have to go to work. Enjoy it while you can!

Kayla said...

YES! I have a terrible time with mosquito bites too. The old wives tales I have noticed that really work is grinding a few aspirin into a paste with some water works the best though. There is also a cortisone liquid stick that is amazing but of course expensive.

Hope you stop itching soon.

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Megan said...

I hate mosquitos. It's so hard for me not to scratch a mosquito bite. And we definitely have our share of those bastards in South Louisiana.


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