Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weighing-in Wednesday ::

I'm not too sure why it is so difficult for me to get a post up on Wednesdays.  You know I don't go all official on numbers here, mainly because I don't think it's the actual number that counts.  Everyone's body is different, and certain areas of my body will always be larger/not in proportion to the rest of me.  I keep a track of my own number on the scale, but I do want to be more diligent about including my tracking of measurements.  Anyhow...

The week before last, I gained weight.  Honestly, I don't even remember the number because I immediately jumped off the scale.  It didn't freak me out as much as it normally would.  I partially attribute that to knowing that it had been a bit of an off week with running, and much more drinking was involved considering D's boss was in town.  That sparked a mini fire under my ass and got me back in the routine.  That week I had two weeks of Couch to 10k to combine in one week.  The runs were also amping in time.  Week ten started with 4 sets of 10 minutes of running separated by walking 1 minute.  Day two of week ten jumped to two sets of 20 minutes of running with one minute in between.  That was intimidating.  I totally rocked it though!  I'm crazy slow on the treadmill because I am mainly trying to complete the length without 1) injuring myself and 2) not walking, no matter how slow I go.  Including the 5 minute walking warm-up and cool down, I completed 3.5 miles within 51 minutes.  I know I could have easily knocked out another 2 miles...and I didn't even have tomato face after!  By the end of that week, I had already lost what was gained back.

As for this week, I lost ANOTHER POUND.  That puts me at around a complete loss of 8.4 pounds.  Seriously, running works miracles.  It probably also helps that my stress level is at an ultimate minimum, and I get to fit in not only running but typically strength training and other classes at the gym.  Although I wasn't diligently running (and certainly not these distances) last summer was working working out 5 days/week and didn't lose this much. 

As for running, our relationship is still love/hate.  Most days are good.  I'm getting bored with running on the treadmill, but can't brave this heat.  Since I'm getting all wordy, I'll save the running update for another day (plus my half training plan!).


WannabeRunner said...

Great job on your loss! And way to knock out that 3.5 miles!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great job on the loss! I can't wait to hear about your running plans!


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