Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm coming back.

This whole week I was feeling a little down and out.  Even after writing my Happiness Edition this week, I just wasn't feeling it.  It was a combination of being cooped up in this house and being frustrated about trying to find a place to stay at the beach and board the dogs.  I had to take a breather on Tuesday from blogging and my Google Reader to just relax and refocus.  Then Tuesday night/Wednesday am, I got really sick.  You know those 24-hour bugs with mess you up.  I literally laid in bed all day Wednesday.

After spending all day this that guy above, I am feeling much better today.  And I lost 3 and a half pounds along the way.  I'm really excited about a few things coming up...
  1. HARRY POTTER on Friday.  D and I are going to see the 1pm showing in IMAX 3-D.  This is real guys.  Get ready to see the end.
  2. My family is coming to visit and see our house for the first time since we moved here.  I'm thrilled!
  3. Then we're headed for a mini-vacation to the beach.  We got a friend to check in on the dogs and finally found some cheap lodging (ps. I don't think I'm going to do the 10k there)
  4. I start my new job right after the mini-vacay!
Things are looking up!

Who else is going on Friday?!


Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

Ahh I am so excited for Harry Potter!!!! I cannot wait--but I am also BUMMED that this is the LAST movie ever!

I read the Happiness Project last summer and really liked it! Lots of great ideas. My favorite was her decision to just "Be Gretchen." I think about that idea a lot--just choosing to be who you are instead of worrying about who you *should* be...

Tara @ Dashing in Pearls said...

I'm going on Friday!! I can't wait!! I'm actually watching all the movies before the premier and am watching Order of the Phoenix RIGHT NOW!!

annelise said...

Ugh, 24 hour bugs can bite me.

Yay for getting your mojo back though! Sounds like some pretty exciting things coming up for you which is great.

I love Tara's idea of watching all the HP movies before going. I actually haven't seen the last two (or three?), of which I'm quite ashamed, so I think that's a brilliant idea, especially as it's so cold and wet here.

Have a great weekend!


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