Friday, May 18, 2012

Food & Beer Friday :: She's a fruity one.

I just discovered this beer a few weeks ago, and it's safe to say I'm in love.

She's one pretty lady!  That's right, I'm talking the Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment!

I'm typically not a huge wheat beer fan.  They tend to be a little too sweet for my taste.  Don't be scared of the watermelon!  The beer is not super sweet and has just an end note of watermelon.  I am continually finding myself reaching for a few one of these beers this spring.

21st Amendment describes this beer as crisp, dry, and refreshing.  I could not agree more; it is just that.  Who doesn't love a can beer that can travel with you to the beach as well?  It's labeled a summer seasonal but available from April through September!

21st Amendment is located in San Francisco, and I feel pretty confident D and I will be visiting when we make our Cali trip in June!  The brewery has a restaurant with food and their beers on tap.

Food pairings are tough for me with wheat beers.  I typically don't want them to side with a dish.  This is not because they don't pair well, but they just are not my beer style of choice.  Nonetheless, this is a handy chart to reference when choosing a beer for your food food for your beer.

Hell or High is refreshing and should easily cool your mouth down during a bowl of this:

[Vegetarian Pho]

What would you pair with a slightly fruity wheat beer?  Another fruity dish? Or would you go spicy?


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Anonymous said...

Uh, YUM! Love the sound of that beer. I might need to go get me some of that!

Happy Friday, love!

Oliviaaa said...

the watermelon scares me... but i trust you! i'll be on the look out for this stuff. and i would pair more beer with said beer. :]

Anna said...

eee! i LOVE 21st amendments watermelon beer!! when we went there on our honeymoon in san fran, i ordered it and they put a big ol' wedge of watermelon in it! amazing!

Claire Kiefer said...

21st Amendment is so fun. Busy on weekend nights (and before games!) but awesome at off times, during the days, etc. They have pretty yummy food to go with their beers! I normally don't like fruit beer (though I love wheat beer, ha), but you're right that the watermelon is so subtle. I want some right now . . .

Ro said...

This beer sound yummy... I want some!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Looks interesting to try. Yum! Noodles!

Tina said...

yum love me some wheaty beers!! i got get my hands on this - love how cute the bottle is too lol

Unknown said...

Ahh that looks delicious! So happy to have stumbled upon your adorable little blog from Punky & the City, look forward to keeping up with your adventures!

xo Shane

Leesh said...

My favorite fruity beer is Fruli. I love strawberry beer. There's a bar by my house that makes cocktails with this delicious beer.


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