Monday, September 3, 2012

Life Lately :: The sickness I can't kick.

Since last weekend, I've been plagued with a sore throat & a cough that has progressively gotten worse.  This shit seems to happen to my every year.  And it always happens while I'm training for a race.  I've tried to stay off the radar, but I can't quite take any days off work unless absolutely necessary.  I've lost my voice & am pretty scared about not being ready for the half in a month.  I can't quite figure how to avoid this sickness every year.

In the meantime, I've been having some fun!

 [Raleigh Beer Week called for lots of time spent at Tasty Beverage.  The week before was their anniversary celebration.  I attended it all...and surprisingly ate no cheese in the process!]

 [A three day week with the kiddies before they moved up to the big kids class.  After only a little over a month with them...I'm really going to miss {most of} them!  Teacher work days were spent prepping the classroom...calm before the storm.  I give those wall letters a week.]

 [Awesome difference between public & private settings?  Parent appreciation.  Scored some amazing gifts and lots of gift cards.  I'm so lucky.]

 [Some fabulous purchases made with my appreciation gift cards!  I've been coveting these loafers for a month now!]

 [New running shoes finally!  Also courtesy of appreciation gift cards (and a little help from D).  I scored an awesome deal with a coupon & picked up my first pair of compression socks from Omega Sports. Sadly, I can't break them in until this sickness leaves me.  Boo.]

[In an effort to kick the sick, I spent all day Saturday inside reading.  I tried to take advantage of the beautiful weather in the best way I could...]

[The tea is just not doing the job I hoped it would...]

I'm trying to keep up around here in the best way I can!  After being cooped up all weekend, I'm going to try to meet D at the beach tomorrow as he heads back in town.  I have to have at least one day to enjoy the sunshine!  Enjoy your Memorial weekends!

How are you spending your Memorial weekend?

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Leesh said...

Love the loafers, where are they from?

meghan said...

Gotta love those end of the year gifts!! I am thankful every Christmas for where I work. That's when I get my gift cards. And awesome leopard loafers! I knew Target had some but I haven't been able to find them online to figure out if I wanted those or the Steve Madden ones. I went ahead and ordered the Steve Madden ones on sale with an extra 25% off....Congrats on the new runnins shoes! I hope you kick being sick soon so that you can go break them in!

Sandy a la Mode said...

loving all your purchases!

Sandy a la Mode

Heidi said...

Teacher appreciation gifts?! Holy cow! I don't know what those are. They don't do that in Baltimore city-- do tell me more! Haha. I have gotten a handful of Christmas gifts over the years. A Macy's gift card from one kid (his mom works there) and some Steelers earrings from another kid. Other than that, you're definitely right-- public vs private is a totally different ballgame.

kim @ a positive peace said...

i hope you feel better soon! i cannot believe you got that much stuff from gift cards from padres! more than the presents it must be so nice to feel appreciated!! ive never even gotten a thank you! haha, hoping this year will be different!!

rest up + feel better soon! and just to put your mind at ease about the half...i ran my first half when i hadn't trained AT ALL. im talking the longest run i did leading up to it was 4 miles with some 2.5 here and there and i managed to run to 10.5 before i ahd to stop and walk (walk/runt the rest of the way) if i can do that, youll be fine!! :) but i know how frustrating it is...just when i get back into running i fall down the stairs and then the other day i slammed my OTHER ankle against the coffee table and now that one is effed up too. fml.

Joseph Miller said...

Teacher appreciation gifts in my neck of the woods include ferrero rochets from Walgreens, a rose (real or fake) from the person selling it outside the school, and the occasional shirt...which doesn't fit! SO glad you got SUCH great gifts!!! Hopefully they'll boost your mood to feel better. REST RELAX RESTORE!

PS. You know it's Labor day right? You said Memorial day...I wish it was memorial day...almost summer all over again! ;-(

Unknown said...

Yea so uh Joseph Miller is ME. That's the second time I've done that this week. SHOOT. Shared computer.

Claire Kiefer said...

So sorry you're sick. It's SO frustrating being sick for an extended period of time, and I get so stir-crazy in the house. Are you eating lots of garlic? Matt takes Zinc and Ester C when he's not feeling well and he swears they work. I think the only thing that really works in the end is getting lots of sleep. In any case, I hope you kick it soon so you can try out those new running shoes!

How's the Wally Lamb book? I've been wanting to read that one!

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better! being sick during a holiday is to horrible. :(

Katie Price said...

Ahh, teacher appreciation. One of the few things I miss about teaching at a private school. There were holidays when I would bring in 1000+ in gift cards alone. I always considered it my "tip" for the extra special care & attention these {wealthier} parents tend to need.

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

That's so nice that you were able to buy all that with your gift cards!!! Raleigh beer week looks like fun too. I hope you feel better!

The Adventurer said...

Remember that one time we decided we were the same person? Well.... I wear those danged leopard loafers every. single. day. Best teacher shoes of all time, for reals.

ALSO.... I haven't gotten any chocolate. Where the heck is my teacher chocolate?! WHERE?!!

Charlotte said...

I just found your blog from the Healthy link up, and I have to say I'm obsessed! I spent a solid hour looking through your old posts! We love all the same things - hello, traveling!

Nice to meet you!

M. Eileen said...

So sorry you are sick! Good luck with classes beginning! What race are you training for? I'm doing the Richmond half marathon, Nov 10- eep!

Jo said...

Oh, darling. I hate that you have the crud. I know I can say that to you and you know what I mean, since you live in NC.
I'm impressed with all the loot! But, in all honesty, good teachers deserve it. There just aren't enough really good teachers out there it seems.
I hope you are feeling better!


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