Monday, March 4, 2013

Life Lately + 12 Months of Giving.

Since February's #12monthsofgiving challenge was a bust for me, I decided to combine my link-up with my usual Life Lately.  Here's what the last two weeks have thrown my way.

 [Finally breaking out and styling my Printed Palette shirt I snagged from Brickyard Buffalo]

 [It's really been a gin + tonic kind of week.  There's been lots of stress between family and laundry drama]

 [And let the blood donation begin!  My hemoglobin was good (13.8 and the lowest is 12 something).  I got past the pricked finger and everything. My nerves had sort of subsided, and I was ready!]

 [And then this happened.  I was crushed.  Apparently even if you just fly into the Cancun airport on this trip, you're a malaria risk for an entire year!  A whole year?!  I was so incredibly sad.]

[Except I didn't get to make a difference...]

 [Drinking a brew for good karma in honor of Justyn's good news!  Ps. This girl has been helping to keep me sane in the drama of the last couple weeks.  So happy to have her around!]

 [Even though the chickens have been little bitches this week adding to my drama, we got pink eggs!  Easter eggs!]

 [This little baby misses his dad so much when he's gone.  He's constantly cuddling when D comes back in town!]

[Pretty thrilled with my runs these days even though my calf is still bothering me.  Only 14 seconds slower than race pace & massive hills we didn't walk on!]

Even though I wasn't able to donate blood in February (which means I need to get my new tattoo asap so I can donate as early as possible in 2014), I did donate something!  LensCrafters will take your old glasses donations for their OneSight program.  It's a cool program, and it's as easy as dropping your glasses off in a store.  It feels good to know that at least I gave something back...even if it wasn't blood.    

Grab a button and link-up below for 12 Months of Giving.  Check here for March's giving challenge (although I'll be giving more details this week) and that link-up will go live on Monday, April 1.  Happy Giving!


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

That stinks that you weren't able to donate blood! I had no idea about the one year malaria risk! Crazy. The pink eggs are super pretty but I'm sorry for bitchy chickens! And my dog is the same way about missing her dad. She's here in MA with me while he's back in NJ finishing up work and packing, and she's so sad!

Alice said...

Oh that's rubbish about not being able to give blood! I've been stopped before because my iron levels were too low- I was not amused! Well done for your good intentions though. And you're right, some weeks just NEED G&Ts. I'm already having one of those (car crash on a Monday morning. GREAT start to the week!!!) x

Alex Byer said...

Yay for finding ways to donate! And yay for awesome running!!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

I actually think your attempt to donate blood still counts. You were willing & ready and spent time getting there, and that counts for something! I have been rejected the past few times I've tried to donate b/c my iron has been just a teeny bit too low. :( Last time I was on my period, which the nurses said makes your iron even lower (obviously, haha), so maybe I'll try again soon when that's not going on and I'll just down several boxes of raisins before going in. ;)

Good for you for donating your glasses!

applesandglue said...

Yeah I'm not allowed to donate blood cuz I live in England when I was younger. As in, 25 years ago. You'd think I'd know if I had mad cows disease by now...

Good for you for donating anyway. Love the shirt. :)

Unknown said...

That sucks you didn't get to give blood. :P I have had to wait a year as well because of tattoos...I'll be able to finally give again in a few months!
Hope the drama calms down soon!

meghan silva said...

Sucks that you couldn't give blood :( but i'm loving those pink eggs, so cute.

xo Meg<3

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