Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chilly oasis.

I never talked about our camping trip from a couple of weekends ago.  I'm going to split it up into a few posts so I can get more bang for my.....buck?  Bang for my blog!

I told you guys that I was going on a camping adventure with grandparents.  Here are some photo highlights.

[Sweet Marlee.  Except it wasn't so sweet when we were on the windy mountain roads and D decided to roll down the window.  The heat was too much for Marlee...he got sick, we pulled over on the side of a scary mountain road, he jumped in the front seat and peed on mine and D's seats.  I yi yi...what a way to start off our trip]

[Look at the beautiful background!]

[It's hard to tell, but D is hard at work chopping firewood.  My manly man.]

[We attempted to take the dogs with us on this boat ride.  Yeah...we were all over max weight capacity.  The lake is an oasis.  Beautiful]

[Our one sunny day...we left a day early because we got cloudy and torrential downpours on our third day]

[We paddled out to the edge of the lake and opened a bottle of wine.  On the way back we saw bats all over the water.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera the day D fished and caught like 8 fish (which he threw back)]

[Marshmallow roasting]

[And eating them]

[Look at that bad ass headlamp...given to me by D's grandfather]

[Sleepy dogs on the way home]


Valerie said...

This looks like such a fun trip! I've actually never been camping but always wanted to go. By now I feel like my window might have closed though. Those smores look amazing!


Kaleena J. said...

Awww cute sleepy doggies.

Sarah M said...

Camping is never really camping without toasted marshmellows! Looks like an amazing time!


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