Monday, August 9, 2010

Closet Craving :: Budget-friendly wishlist

I've been trying so hard to avoid looking at much clothing online.  Even when my check comes at the end of August, it'll practically be gone.  I am going to have to buy just a few pieces to make myself feel better.  I decided to check out Forever 21 online to get some ideas of cheap pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways.

$13.50 - This is actually sheer so I have to wear something under it.  That's a great way to wear this shirt in a variety of ways.  It has some ties, but I would consider cutting those off and belting this (depends on my stomach and how confident I feel in belting).  I need to find a good belt!

$24.80; I'm not 100% sure this shirt would flatter me.  I like that I could pair it with black jeans or a blazer for school or with leggings and fun jewelry for night.  I'm not sure what colors I'm going for this fall...

$22.80; I realize everything I've picked is blue.  They have this in beige, but it would look awful against my skin when my tan fades and I'm pale again.  I love this top.  It's kind of a knockoff of this Tucker blouse, and I've been dying for a Tucker blouse for ages.  I really hope it doesn't sell out before I can snag it!

$22.80; I know this one seems unusual.  1...I'm not sure if it would work for my figure and 2...I'm not sure how I could dress it for school.  I still love the pockets and colors.

$29; Oh I love this skirt!  It's always hard to gauge how short something is going to be on these teeny tiny models.  I could totally see dressing this down with some Keds or something and dressing it up.

$19.80; I already own a wool gray skirt, but it's about a size too big so I wear it low on my hips.  I love how this one also has the belt loops.  I like I you could interchange a variety of belts.  This is more school appropriate.

These are actually here from Urban Outfitters.  They're $58 which is a splurge I can't make until at least September.  I'm loving oxfords right now.  I really need flats for all of the standing and walking I do as a teacher.  These are such a nice change up from regular little ballet flats.  I need these.

And that's enough online window shopping lusting for me for now!


Lady Grey said...

fabulous finds darling! It's so nice to see affordable fashion : )

this free bird said...

i'm loving the 3rd one especially - layer on a couple tanks and you're good to go!


Sarah M said...

These are perfect!! I absolutely love these.. and great prices!

stylenuggets said...

Great looks -the red printed dress looks gorge but yeah can't tell how short it'll be.


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